Thursday, 21 August 2014


Hi! I look 12, haha.

Summer is almost over. Well, not almost. There's still another month or so until college starts again. It's weird how it's already August though. I feel like the year has passed me by and I've done nothing that I set out to do.

My teeth have been hurting so much lately. I think it's a combination of the braces and stupid wisdom teeth. Really starting to hate my teeth now. I mean, yay that they're so much straighter and healthier now but it'd be lovely to have a pain free mouth for at least a week. I'm such a baby when it comes to tooth pain.

I go home in a week or so which I'm looking forward to. I cannot explain how much I miss my bed and not having to wear jeans/trousers lol. Some peace and quiet will be good as well plus my own scales! I have no idea how accurate these scales are at my dads and it's driving me insane because I don't feel like I can trust the numbers.

I've been liquid fasting for the fast 3 days. Well 4 since it's Thursday. Fasting is pretty much the only thing that gets me out of a binge stage. I have until the 15th of September to be able to go all out. I'm hoping to be down at least 10lbs by then which is definitely doable, I just need to stay motivated and away from all the amazing food my step mum dad's girlfriend wife makes. She makes the most amazing food. Bloody chefs! I go between wanting to binge on everything in the house to not wanting to drink anything other than water at least 5 times a day.

I have a stupid guy issue with a stupid guy. I cannot express how much I do not want anything to do with him and it's freaking frustrating how he doesn't seem to understand that. I'm sorry. He was a nice guy until it became obvious he was only talking to me because of sex. Like why do so many guys (not all. I'm not a man hater or anything) seem to think that being nice to a girl means they are going to want to sleep with you. It's backwards, very stupid and just insulting to think that and besides, sex terrifies me now since last year... God forbid you have a relationship first and get to know each other. God forbid you actually make a conversation with the other person. I swear, he, we'll call him J*, will ask "How's you?" and then once he has a reply, all he says is, "I miss you." blah blah blah. Seriously fuck off. I've only (apparently) met him once (when very fucking drunk) and he lives in fricking Scotland! I'm not going to get emotionally invested in a guy who basically acts like an immature jerk and doesn't even live near me! Just no. NO.

I was going to carry on writing about J* but I can't be bothered. I have no desire to keep him on my mind so a cup of tea is in order whilst I check out blogs.

Take care


  1. Nice to see a post from you :)) You're adorable lol.

    I really can't stand guys like that. I don't even understand why they would think like that either. Not everyone in the world wants to have meaningless sex with idiots. They always seem to be in love with themselves as well and only talk to you at certain times (when they're bored, it's late at night, they're horny etc etc) Pathetic.

    Good luck on the fast but take care! xxx

  2. You do look very young in the picture :)

  3. Good for you. Men are such asses sometimes.

    / Avy

  4. You do look young in you pic, but that is not a bad thing. I completely understand about hating tooth pain, I'm the same way.
    As far as your guy problem goes, don't pay him any mind. First off if he lives so far away, then there's not even a point. Secondly, if he only wants you for sex, you deserve SO much better than that. Wonderful to hear from you =)

  5. You're so pretty <3 looks like we have the exact same deadline 15th September as well and both wanting to lose about the same amount of weight what a coinky dink :), good luck with it all and take care
    Invisible Ninja xx

  6. You look adorable!
    Braces and wisdom teeth at the same time sounds awful. You poor thing! But you will have such healthy straight teeth, and potentially avoid a lot of future dental work.
    Guys tend to be stupid like that. Siiigh. What a loser. He sounds immature and is definitely not worth your time or energy.

    Good luck with your goals <3 xx

  7. Hi! You're very cute in the picture!
    Back to school soon huh? Same here.
    What's wisdom teeth?
    Braces must hurt a lot >< my brother got them as well.
    I understand the feeling of not having your own scales. I refuse to trust any other scale as well.
    Congrats on the liquid fast! My dad won't let me fast anymore because I had a massive argument with him about whether I'm healthily losing weight or not.
    J* sounds douchy. Some guys do that, yes.
    Hey um just so you know I did reply to your comment on my blog - I usually do it in the next post.


  8. You're so sweet :) Your eyes are piercing <3 You'll be home soon! Keep thinking positive! xx

  9. Just ran across your blog. You are BEAUTIFUL! Seriously, those eyes, wow.
    Anyways I'm Kay. Seems we both have food & pants issues, wanna bond over it? : ) Haha.
    Anyways I'm going to follow so I can read more about you, I need more blog friends!

  10. I think everyone's a baby when it comes to tooth pain.

    You're very pretty miss!! But yeah lol you look much younger than you are. It's a good thing, I promise.

    I've given up on men at this point. Sick of all the same bs; I'm much happier alone.