Wednesday, 26 March 2014


I always feel super weird when I write on here when I am in college. I always feel like I have to keep a watch over my shoulder incase anyone comes up behind me to see what I am writing. However, I have no lessons and no work with me that I need to be dong so I may as well update this because I haven't done so in ages. At least in February I had an excuse (letting someone else use my laptop), but this month has been pretty shameful for coming up with excuses.

Ugh, I actually have the biggest headache right now. I'm meant to be in Maths this afternoon but have told my tutor I have an appointment instead. If I went to his lesson I'd either throw up or just sit there for 3 hours bored whilst he explains F grade Maths to a bunch of people who are finding it difficult to comprehend the stuff they should have learnt in year 7. He was fine with it though. I think it's because he knows I'm not learning anything I need to know for my exam since I'm doing Higher Tier. He's a pretty cool guy. He has OCD as well.

I have so much work to catch up on from college. I need to send my course tutor an email asking if we ever get to redo any of the units from the first semester since I actually did appauling in them and since I have to stay on this shitty course and can't change to A Levels, I'll need to redo some/most of it to ensure I actually pass this year with the highest grade I can get. Since I'm not changing courses, it also means that I cannot do Astrophysics at university. I can't even do regular Physics so I don't have any idea on what to do at university because this qualification isn't accepted in the subjects I'd want to do. Just super confused about it all because why have a qualification and encourage students to do it if it isn't accepted everywhere like A Levels are?

So yes. Life is a little bit chaotic at the moment. Not about to get any less complicated anytime soon though. Kind of used to that I guess.

In terms of weight, it's actually ridiculous how slowly I'm losing right now. I guess it doesn't help that I finally got my period for the first time in forever so I have some major bloating going on right now and it's seriously pissing me off. I've come to the conclusion that I need to stop buying snakcs and junk food though. Yesterday I actually cooked pasta for dinner (needed something super simple because I was shattered!), and realised I can't eat so much when I actually cook a meal whereas when I'm just snacking all day, I can eat so much that it's fairly unreal.

I also need to up my exercise because apart from the 2ish hours walking on college days, I actually don't do much exercise. I either need to start using my exercise bike or regular bike and starting working out again. I think this is why I'm going a bit csdbvfhjvadlh! lately. I am an exercise junkie and when I get into a depressed stage or whatever, like all my motivation goes to do anything (which is what's happened with college these past few months) and I don't do anything which then makes me feel even worse. Hopefully slowly increasing my exercise and improving my eating will help with that though.

I guess I should wrap it up for now though. I think I'm going to go and find the closest pharmacy and buy some painkillers to kill off the start of a migraine.

Take care of your pretty selfs!

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