Sunday, 9 March 2014


I have finally have my computer all to myself. I've been allowing my friend to use it whilst his was waiting to be fixed so I haven't really spent much time online lately. I know I have my iPad and iPhone but using blogger on either of those two is just really irritating. Especially trying to use the apps because the creators have never heard of fricking paragraphs! It all ends up one big scrambled mess.

It's Lent! Lent is probably the only Catholic thing I actually do every year because let's face it, I'm hardly a practising, totally believing Catholic, am I? But yeah.

It's my aunts birthday tomorrow. Its her party tonight though which is kind of crappy because I have college tomorrow. I don't even know why I'm going because I didn't even get a birthday message from any family member.Not even sure I'm up to it to be honest.I swear I've been out/to a party every night for the last couple of weeks. It really isn't healthy. Though is anything I do healthy?

Talking of college, I sent a rant kind of email to my form tutor about having to do presentations whilst having a really bad anxiety disorder, and I actually got an understanding email back! I almost died. It's going to be awkward tomorrow though because I'm meant to be doing a presentation in Chemistry and I don't know if he's going to be as understanding. My form tutor and the tutor who runs the entire course and likes me are his boss though. I don't know though. It could go either way. If he ignores them, I'm walking out of his class.
Simple really.

It's also going to be awkward because it tends to be once you're honest about things. I mean, when you admit it's hard enough for you to talk to people 1 to 1, it's kind of... Embarrassing, I guess. Plus there's the fact that you're tutors have probably been talking about you, too. She did say she was aware of my problem and since I've never spoken about my anxiety crap (only ED), it's obvious they've spoken about it.

Going to stop thinking about it because it's making me feel anxious and ever so slightly paranoid.

I have to get ready for the party.
Kill me.

Take care

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  1. Hey girl. Funny thing about lent.... I'm sorta catholic too. I've always used lent as an excuse to give something up. Usually food.
    Hope the party went well.
    It's always tough speaking openly about our problems and it's so nice when someone understands. I hope the presentation went well too.