Tuesday, 8 October 2013


I'm probably the worst blogger in the entire world. Well maybe not the entire world, but I'm pretty bad. Since college started, I've barely had a chane to go online which is probably a very good thing because all I'd probably do is complain!

My course and class is pretty ehh. Some of the people in my class are beyond stupid. I do believe several have single figured IQ's!! They're pretty unbearable at times. I get along with three girls in my class okay, I guess but there was never an instant connection like with other people I've met on courses at college. Still, these past two weeks have been better than the previous three at college. A LOT better! 

Since college started I've lost 11lbs which is alright. I keep intending to go to the gym or running but I've been swamped with assignments over the past few weeks which has sucked. They've slightly slowed down now so I think it's about time I went back to the gym. I seem to have successfully hit purging on the head but I think that is more to do with the fact I'm in the middle of getting braces on and if I threw up, it'd get stuck in this expander thing that's attached to my teeth and gies across my palette, and good stuck in there would be disgusting!

Talking of teeth, I have to go and have two out on Thursday due to the brace treatment. Two perfectly healthy teeth. Really not looking forward to it because I hate going to the dentist. The whole ordeal leaves me in serious need of drugs but I can't get an appointment with my GP before going to the dentist because I'm at college all day tomorrow, and I have to travel 2 hours to my dentist on Thursday morning so... Ugh! 

I bought a new iPad today to celebrate quitting the b/p lately and to celebrate the weight loss. Maybe this will mean I actually update this thing more often. If do it on my phone but after a 8-5 day at college excluding travelling, it tends to be flat in no time. Apple seriously need to sort out the battery life in their phones. I've never had a problem with the iPads, computers or iPods. Only the phones which sucks. I'd like to say it always dies because I text too many people but I never really text/iMessage/what's app etc anyone. It's kind of sad. 

Anyway. I should go and do some Physics revision for tomorrow morning because I have a test which I am definitely going to fail! I cannot remember the equations I need for the life of me! Wish me luck!

Take Care