Sunday, 25 August 2013

I've got issues

It's been a while since I last updated. I was either just about to do my exams or had just done the, when I last did a post. Either way, it was probably June the last time I wrote anything. 

Well, I got my results on Thursday. It's now, like, Sunday? An hour into Sunday, anyway.

These were my results: A* in English language, A in English Literature (how the heck I did that is beyond me!), A in Science and C in Maths.

So I didn't fail which was good. Well I failed Additional Science since I had to drop it because it clashed with appointments, but no utterly horrendous results. Bit annoyed about Maths because I got a C last year and now have to do it again this year toget a minimum of a B (for medical school), but to be honest, I totally gave up with Maths this year because the teacher was absolutely terrible!


I guess I should update and things. College starts again really soon which will be good because I'm utterly bored. May until September off is far too long. I enrolled at college on Thursday though and saw all my old tutors which was oddly nice. They've really grown on me so it's a good thing they are still part of the course I start soon. 

My English language tutor told me in person and on twitter that she was proud of me not giving up on the course which is something I desperately wanted to do, and for getting good grades. It felt so weird to have someone say they're proud of me. No one has actually ever said that to me before. 

It's funny how I always get super close to tutors I never thought I would even get along with never mind tell things to!

What else is new? 
Oh, I'm getting braces! Yes, I'm almost 21 and getting braces, haha. My orthodontist is so cute which is a nice perk to having to have braces. I have to have two perfectly healthy teeth out though in around two weeks and I'm really not looking forward to it. I've already had two out because of the ED. I guess I should be using spending £3000 as a reason to stop purging, but these days, the only time I don't purge is if I'm not eating which is why I've been fasting since Monday. 

I managed to get up to my highest ever weight over the summer holidays which was a feat, even for me. Since I have two or three weeks until  I 'properly' start college, I'm attempting to lose as much weight as possible by then. I bought a new bike and renewed my gym membership so I'm pretty much spending my days downing water and working out. Not the healthiest thing, but what part of having an eating disorder is healthy?

It's weigh in day tomorrow though since I limited myself to only using the scale on a Sunday (new day of the week) so that I don't drive myself absolutely crazy over the numbers. So I guess I'll get to see how good or bad this week has been to the numbers. :-/

How's everyone's summer been? Are you all looking forward to going back to school or college?

Take care


  1. HEEY!! Missed you, lady.

    Glad things are getting back on track for you. We all have ups and downs and lets face it, Summers are so damn fun that sometimes we don't think about what we put in our bodies, or care, really.. IT'S SUMMER!

    Fuck it, babe. Just start over. Starting over is the best and worst part anyways.

    Stay strong. Hold your head high. Stay beautiful.

  2. Congrats on the results! They're amazing!

    It's heading into summer here. I hope I can get a holiday this year. Work is literally killing me.

    Take care <3