Saturday, 1 June 2013

New Month

It's finally the summer holidays. I only have four more exams left and then I can finally do... Nothing! Oh my gosh! It will actually be really, really nice to not have to do anything. Apart from this last week, I haven't had time to do, well, anything really. I should have been studying this last week but I seriously can't be bothered!

I've watched so many TV shows this week. I really have no life. I've finished so many box sets  I even started The Big Bang Theory from season 1 and have finished that. Sure, I could have been studying Maths because I have no idea what is going on with that since my tutor was absolutely useless, but who has the motivation to study Mathematics? I've gone from loving the subject to detesting it!

The time is flying by! I can't believe it's June! I probably always say this, but it's half way through the year! I've done absolutely nothing with the year which is kind of sad. I'd say I'd dedicate the summer to losing weight before going back to college but it would probably be something I would never achieve. Or Id lose weight and then gain it back which is what I have been doing all year. It's so frustrating to lose 30lbs and then gain it back.

I need to figure some sort of plan out to maybe eat healthier and just add in exercise... And not stick a finger down my throat after eating everything in the house. I should work on the eating everything in the house part, too!

Anyway. It's late and I'm exhausted!

Take care