Monday, 29 April 2013


I'm a wee bit drunk and I have college tomorrow. Only a wee bit though.. Yeah, I'm not convincing myself either. I'm squiffy and still drinking and don't actually care about how dreadful tomorrow is going to be. In all honesty, I hope I wake up just as drunk because that is going to be the only thing that is going to make tomorrow tolerable. It'd be even better to just sleep through my alarm and not go in at all! I really don't want to go in tomorrow. I don't want to spend time with T* and A*. Dear God, I'd have more fun pretending to be a Jew around Nazi's! 

I lost 2.6lbs this morning. Not a bleeding clue how! Right now I'm more concerned that I'm still receiving messages on Whatsapp despite muting all groups. It's so annoying to receive messages of two people you hate flirting just so they grab your attention. Go choke on a cucumber!

I almost bought new blades today but I didn't. Something made me give myself a mental slap in the face and walk out of the door. Not sure why I was going to buy 100 blades. Mainly because they only sold them in packs of 100, but I already have blades and definitely don't need more. I should probably get rid of the current ones at some point to be honest. I don;t know. I'm not a big cutter any more. I prefer... Let's not talk self harm.

All I can think is I need to wash my hair and I have my brother yelling in my ear to come and do something. Siblings. Got to love them, I suppose...

 I need to stop drinking this fruity alcoholic thing because the sugar is killing my stomach! I've noticed I can't really tolerate sugar any more. It's worse than... I would say period pains but I don't get those. It does kill me for a couple of days though.

I should go to bed. I definitely shouldn't have drank alcohol tonight since I'm meant to be going out tomorrow. I definitely need to remember to ring the gym tomorrow and renew my membership.

Take care


  1. Squiffy. I've nev heard anyone say that before. I like it :)

  2. Yay for not buying new blades! Woot! Get yourself something you like instead, ok?

    Drink lots of water to help beat the hangover. I hope those two dickbags stop yanking your chain on the whatsapp. Talk about rude!

    Love you <3

  3. I wish you the best and drinking can be a fruity escape!

    Stay strong and wonderful.