Sunday, 28 April 2013

Simply Sunday

I'm starting to really question my instincts about people. They seem to be really off lately. People I think are terrible turn out to be lovely. People I assume are my friend turn out to be idiots. 
I'm trying to push away people who really aren't good for me. I've never really had to do this before since I either don't bother with friends, or I'm really good at choosing people I spend time with. However, it is hard to distance yourself from people you have to spend 3 days a week with at college. I know I'd be painted as the bad picture in a few people's minds because the two people I hate (hate? Yeah, hate!) are very good at doing the whole 'woe is me' routine. Don't you just hate people like that?

I have so much homework and revision to get done today. Exams start on the 14th which is freaking me out because it's a resit from the January exam I never got to do. I've not even opened my Additional Science textbook since before Christmas. I need to pass this class too so I need to pull my finger out and go over the first half of all three sciences and aim for at least a B, preferably an A-A*, and then start to focus on the second part of Additional Science because that exam is on the 23rd! I've still got to do the ISA for that actually. It'd be simple if it was exactly the same as Science A but it's slightly different so I just need to memorise how to write it out.

I haven't been to Additional Science all year which is terrible because I still have to learn the second half of it. I wouldn't learn anything in that class though because all they do is experiments. As much as I love experiments and that, I don't want to do 3 in a 3 hour lesson and nothing else.

Anyway, less of the exam talk. It's starting to make me panic because I need to pass. So much is riding on these exams and I can't let things get in the way of passing like I did last year. I'm just going to put all my energy into revising everything! Especially English Literature!

I went to see Iron Man 3 on Friday which was absolutely incredible! I am not a massive fan of Iron Man, but I loved it! Robert Downey Jr makes it hilarious and not even Gwenny ruined it. THAT is impressive!

I should hit the books.
Have a lovely Sunday (:

Take care


  1. Resits are the WORST! I had to resit every exam my fourth year in vet school, which was the worst summer of my life as you could imagine. Just revise what you can because 1/3 of every exam is pure luck. You'll be fine! Nothing bothers me more than "woe is me" people! I mean we all go through tough times and need to rant or vent, but some people get so pessimistic that they forget to look at all the good things in their lives! Best of luck this week xx

  2. You seem to have a lot going on there. One thing I've learned about people and trust is that people are only as good to you as you allow them to be. I know it might sound silly, but it's absolutely true.

    When I select friends, I decide what good they are to me. Will they make me want to be a better person? Will they encourage me to do things that I normally wouldn't because I don't want them to think ill of me? I'm glad they trust me with their secrets, but do they trust everyone with their secrets? Would I be able to trust them with mine?

    Life is crazy. It never gets easier either. You just learn to juggle shit until it gets done and then you're on to the next obstacle.

    Slow down. Enjoy things. And as my friend, Van Wilder would say, "Don't take life too seriously, You won't get out alive."

    Stay strong, babe.

  3. *Huggles* Best of luck and don't forget to take your study breaks! Your brain needs rest between bouts of information absorption!

    Ok, I MUST see IM3 as soon as it's released down here D: YOU TEASE, YOU!


  4. Hi. I once told this guy that i studied physics with that I decided I did not like him and immediately treated him coldly. I did it in public, in front of all the others from our physics class. He got on my nerves. Everyone was like "woahh..." silently but I decided not to care. He was really hurt and didn't understand but I pressed on ignoring him. Three years later i can't remember why he pissed me off, but my life is totally awesome so it probably didn't matter.