Monday, 25 March 2013

It's better to just not expect anything from people


So I haven't written on here in months! What is up with that?! Well, that's a lie. I've got several entries in drafts that I have written and never bothered to post. Pretty stupid really, but I'm actually going to post this one.

Dear God, it's March! 
I'm a terrible blogger but lots has happened in the last few months. I passed my Science exams with an A and A*. The A* was in the ISA. 3 points off the perfect 50 marks actually. The A in the actual exam was super unexpected though. I wasn't going to open my results because I thought I did terrible. In fairness, the grade boundaries were ridiculously low, but fuck yeah! I got an A!

Me and my friends from college are all super close. Our little group of three (Lou, Tash and I) has added 2 new members, Keiran and Anton. We went to the pub with them today. We're all going out on the 2nd of April too which shall be fun because they're great! We do have to go and see another classmate do stand up comedy though, so I think I shall be getting very drunk that night which is good because that's everyone bar Tash's plan too!

I met a guy.  I actually first met him a few months ago, no idea if I ever wrote about him when I initially met him... Probably not since I've been shit at blogging, but he's called Alex. Alexander. He's so cute and adorable. He's actually everything that isn't my type. He's got blonde hair and blue eyes. He's not hugely taller than me. He likes the exact same music as me though, haha. He's actually adorable. He's okay though.


I wrote that probably 2 weeks ago. Isn't it funny how fast things change? How little time it takes to realise you're a complete moron. 

In other news, Les Miserables is fucking sad, isn't it? Yes, that's my drunken opinion on a movie I actually love. It's probably not the best movie to watch when you would love to either jump of a bridge or just... Something. I don't know. 
I want to whine or just write down what is in my head, but I honestly cannot be bothered. I don't have any idea what I would talk about anyway since it's been almost 4 months since I did one of these posts and I just don't have any idea how I would fit all that into one post without making everyone feel moderately to highly suicidal with how long it would be!

I've been missing a lot of Monday Additional Science classes this year. In fact, I haven't gone to a single lesson since 2013 started. In fairness, it is because I have a lot of ED and mental health appointments on a Monday, or I did until most stopped or I delayed them, but I've missed section 2 of Biology and Chemistry and really am not looking forward to the frickin' earache I'll get when I go back after the holidays because I am not going tomorrow. I should go but I actually can't face going to a lesson I haven't been to in so long. Plus the weather is terrible. Snow in March. Pssh.

I'm not even paying attention to Les Mis anymore. Russell Crowe pisses me off for some reason. However, Eddie Redmayne and Hugh Jackman are ever so gorgeous.

I'm going to write more when I'm sober. I can't string my thoughts together which, to be honest, I can't do when bloody sober!

Take care


  1. missed you
    well done for the science grades
    and the guy
    hope uve been ok

  2. Hey congrats on those As! And welcome back :) Your outing with your class friends sounds fun. I really miss meeting people through classes and such!

    I have yet to see Les Mis the movie...I've seen the play twice and I'm so afraid the movie will ruin how wonderful I think it is! But I really should watch it. Anyways, glad you're back...hope to hear more from you soon!

  3. YOU! *Hugs* I missed you :(

    Russel Crowe has ALWAYS pissed me off. The Aussies can keep him XD

    Take care <3

  4. I want to see les mis soooo bad. Did you know sasha baron cohen was in the movie ? Ultimately I'd like to see the musical on stage in Europe. That would be nifty :)