Monday, 3 September 2012


I'm so glad to be home.

I should probably go to bed since it is nearly 2am.

I have college tomorrow at half 2. Ugh. New people. I don't like new people. They make me panic and just feel all awkward. I am definitely not looking forward to it. Especially since with the super long vacation, I am so much heavier. It's depressing.

I'm durnk. Drunkk and fat. Bleh, whatever. I finally post a new post and it's all depressing and annoying.

durrnk!!! Okay, I'll attempt to be less annoying, haha.

Umm... I wonder what my claass will be like. I hope they are not super stupid or anything. Knowing my luck, I'll be the youngest one in the worst class ever. I got my exam results, too. I swear they screwed up my English marks. It's pretty impossible to get A*, A, and then a D. 2 UCAS points off of an A overall, but it's cool. I have to redo the thing again anyway. I got my C in Maths since I was only doing foundation. Science was a key example of how the college really screwed up throughout the year. Each 7 exam parts varied from A* to C. Science was taught really bad if anyone remembers my rantings about the terrible, terrible lesson.

I made a Tumblr whilst in Paris. It's somewhat freaking addictive. I still prefer Blogger because I like writing, but sometimes a pictures says so much more than you could ever write. It's not bad, though. I don't dislike it as much as I used to.

I am going to bed because it's 3am and I'm tired and yeah.

Take care


  1. I often find that it is the thoughts of these events rather than the actual events themselves, that cause the most anxiety,

    Good luck tomorrow x

  2. Tumblr eats my time like nothing else I've found since Stumble. Evil timesucking addictive tumblr. Can I follow you? o.O

    Get those marks appealed. What the fuck went on there?

    I hope your hangover isn't too horrible. Glad to see you back safe <3

  3. If you're talking about the English marks in England, then they actually did screw them up really badly. For GCSE, AS and A2 they completely messed them all up, apparently they've already starting remarking the English Language AS at my school, and I'm hoping they remark my English Lit too, because that D in the exam was just a shock, haha.
    I hope yours gets sorted out too, I heard on the news one school is suing the exam board.

    I feel the same about tumblr - I do love blogger because you get closer to please - but tumblr just always knows how to sum up my feelings in one. Haha.
    Hope you had a good day at college.

  4. Welcome back :) You will be fine :) just have some fun with the new year :)