Saturday, 23 June 2012

No Internet :(

It sucks. I never have any idea what to do when I can't waste my entire day on the computer lol. Thank goodness for Starbucks and McDonalds having wifi.

I'm off back to Ireland on Wednesday for two weeks. It'll be Friday if I end up going to this college thing. I'm only going to go if people I know are going too. I don't want to go alone no matter how much I like my tutors. Old tutors I should say since yesterday was my last official day on my course. Kind of sucks, but one of the guys doing the same course as me in September was quite cute. I do miss the people, though, because believe it or not, we actually all became sort of 'friends' in the end.

I had my exams yesterday, too. I actually have no faith in the Chemistry one I took. Chemistry 1a just isn't my friend. Biology 1a and 1b was simple and Physics 1b was... Well, it was Physics haha. It was easier than Chemistry, though. In reality, Chemistry wasn't the worst exam I have ever done. It just wasn't my favourite out of the four to do. I just have to wait for my results now. The end of August can't come fast enough.

However, I do need to lose a lot of weight this summer. I ended this term 14lbs higher than what I have started. My lowest weight these past 12 months is 25lbs lower than what I am now. My highest is 20ish pounds heavier. No matter what way I look at it, my reaction is just ugh. I definitely have to work on it. I just need to knock this binging on the head. I've even thinking about slowly adapting a vegan diet rather than just vegetarian. It would make more sense because it cuts out foods I cannot eat anyway and it cuts out the things I tend to binge on.

I have no idea if I'll be able to maintain a vegan diet on Ireland, but I definitely would be able to when I come back. I guess I could use the next 2 or 3 weeks to slowly cut things out rather than fully cut them out. It'll also cut the chances of binging down, too.

I've finally got more time to do more running and gym. I'm so happy about that so I'm going to finally renew my gym membership after Ireland. I saw no point in paying for it these last few
months because I had no time to go. It means new running shoes, too. I love buying running shoes and I've seen the perfect pair!

I feel like the third wheel with friends. Not because they are in relationships, but because I don't seem to fit in anymore. I never really did to be fair. It just sucks to see everyone make plans and not be involved in them. Especially when you think you are actually good friends. I've never really fitted in with people, though. Especially not people my age. It just sucks when you actually need people around you and there is no one. But they expect you to be there for them when they have problems or need something. I guess it reminds me why I am not such a huge people person. Other people and me rarely seem to be on the same page, and when we are, it's always someone a lot older than me that understands. Unfortunately, I don't know many older people. Or people that don't suck as people. Whatever. I'm not exactly a social person. In the most awkward person around people that you will actually meet, haha.

I should have internet that isn't from my phone from Friday. Well, I will definitely have it in Ireland. I just need to have it at home already. There's only so much exercising and TV a girlcan take.

Take care


  1. Ah i totally feel you with internet problems. Fuck me. SO many. Enjoy ireland. Hopefully the weather will get better for you. I'll be an older friend :) Xo

  2. Fuuuuuuuck I have so just been there where you are and it bites total ass. Why do you not have 'Net?

    Might I be a total fanatic and suggest taking up some crafting hobbies? You can't binge when your hands are busy, and it DEFINITELY keeps your mind occupied. It's also nice to be able to point at half a sock or a few inches of scarf and say "Today wasn't totally wasted, I made THAT!"

    Awkward-around-people-people are the most fun to hang out with. Once you get them settled down and convinced you don't bit they're actually really freakin' awesome. Just saying.

    Take care <3

  3. Hey hey :) I am sure you did fine - exams always make me feel I did worse than I think.. who knows you could be surprised.. No internet sucks and the vegan thing - well that sounds like a good idea. I went vegetarian once for a year and it actually worked.. cutting things out slowly is good at least it allows your body to adapt <3 Good luck! x

  4. How come you don't have any internet? :( that sucks! :(

    I'm glad you became friends with people there in the end - hopefully you'll be able to stay in touch with them :)
    Is it GCSEs that you've been taking? (I'm sure I used to know! I know you've gone back to college or something to re-do them because you want to do medicine? :) )
    I know the feeling - my results can't come soon enough either!

    I hope you have a good time in ireland (i'm so jealous!) and take care of yourself!!! :) xxxx

  5. No internet = my worst nightmares lol

    Have a great time in Ireland. And GL on the WL :)