Saturday, 19 May 2012

Finally the weekend

I've been looking forward to it all week. Knowing my luck, it will go super fast and Tuesday will be here before I know it.

I've only got two weeks left at college. It's making me sad to realise this. I never, ever thought I would say this, but I don't want this course to end. I'm going to have 2 or 3 months doing nothing. Even when I go back, it is going to be to a class of people I don't know. As much as my class can annoy me, I've grown kinda fond of them lol. I'll miss the tutors more. God! This couldn't be any more different to high school. I couldn't wait to get away from the students and tutors. Now, I want to keep them around. :P

At least the holidays gives me time to hit my goal weight before my new course. For some reason I feel really determined and cocksure I am going to get there before going back. I'm definitely not going back at this weight. I know many people say that and never do anything, but yeah. We can all do whatever we want once we put our minds to it.

Exams start Thursday. Everyone else in my class is doing the morning one and I'm stuck in the afternoon one which means I have to do Maths with just one other person and Richard. Then I have to do half of English on my lonesome. I don't think I am looking forward to it to be honest. It's definitely going to be interesting. Especially since it is going to be my last English class of the year. I love English so I am kind of sad about it. An hour or so with Emma alone will be great though. It's the two hours with Richard! As cute as he is, it's always awkward talking to him for a long period of time.

It's my friends birthday tomorrow. We're all going to get together and just get drunk, watch movies and enjoy ourselves rather than go out. I think we are all getting old or something because we find going into town incredibly boring! It's a chore too. You've got to avoid people you don't want to talk to, avoid whatever drama kicks off, get back home... It's so much easier to get a bunch of you together and have a (kinda) house party.

Got a football match first, though.

Righto. Rest of today is going to be spent revising, writing up meal/exercise plans and maybe cracking open a bottle of the red stuff when D comes over. :)

Take care


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  2. Good luck with your exams!! Revise hard :) And happy birthday for tomorrow have loadsa fun and get drunk ;) xx

  3. Summer will be perfect for you to hit your goal weight before you go back to school in the fall. Put your mind to it and you can do it =)

  4. I'm sure you can be at your goal weight by then :)
    Good luck with your exams and have fun with your friends!
    Lottie x

  5. hope you have a great weekend hon :)

  6. Good luck on exams! I love having a lot of free time but not totally free - I have to make up some activities ot to waste time ;>