Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Wasting time

I'm going through every blog I follow and attempting to comment on them. It's about time people know I do actually read blogs. I'm just far too lazy to comment on them haha.

Plus it keeps me busy and distracted. Busy and distracted mean away from food.

It feels weird to fast and lie about food. I don't have to do that at home since it's just me. It feels really... Weird but fun to lie. Yes, I'm strange haha. You've got to admit though, lying can be fun. Especially to people who are pissing you off. I don't know my current weight which is annoying. I know what it was on day 1 of my fast but it's anyone's guess now. Another reason I can't wait to go home. :)

Today has been pretty good though. I went shopping and ended up buying some lovely dresses. I need to buy some new boots and jeans before going back to college. Finding decent pairs of boots is always difficult. Finding decent boots in my size is even more difficult. God forbid people have small feet. :P

Talking of shoes, if I got at least one B in any of my four exams I took in March, I get two pairs of converse! Hopefully all that revision and no sleep to read Chemistry and Physics books paid off. I've been waiting for the 19th to come for ages, and now it is close, I'm getting all nervous. Mainly because I found them easy. But I also found my Maths exam easy and I passed that with the top mark in the class.

I feel really giddy and happy today so I am going to put that to some use and go for a run. Hopefully I won't get lost. :P

Hopefully you've all had a good day too.

Take care


  1. I'm glad you're having a good time with it. Your run will be fantastic. So jealous :) And you're right, lying can be weird and fun all at once.

  2. dont feel bad I am really bad about commenting also. I wish we had a like button like on FB you could just click that and let someone know you read their stuff. lol I found some boots yesterday I love boots oh hell lets face it I love shoes period that is probably why I own over 50 pair lol

  3. It is quite fun to lie. It's soo bad ;) but fun lol.

    Enjoy the run. Completely jelly coz I wanna go for one! xxx

  4. Im sure you did grate on your exams. And good luck on your fast. Im starting mine next week

  5. I bet you've got amazing grades on your exams! With the amount of studying, I will be ultra surprised if you get anything lower than a B. A even. :P

    Good luck with boot shopping. It's gotta be easier than jean shopping. *rolls eyes* xxxxx

  6. I just found your blog along with like almost 400 people. Lol
    But just wanted to say I really love it and I will be following you now!

  7. I'm the same hun! I always read but never comment, I'm trying more and more to comment as I love comments and if others are the same as me, taking 5 mins out to comment to make them smile, is one good thing I've done that day!! I love converse!! I'm getting a pair for my bday, but it's the colour decision that I hate! There's so many I want!! Xx

  8. I can suck at leaving comments too - eventhough I almost always read all the posts - I guess - sometimes, I just don't know what is the right thing to say - you know what I mean?

    Gl on finding the right boots - gotta love a pair of right fitting lovely boots ^^

    Take care of you :)

  9. good luck with your results! hope the run went well, xo.

  10. I'm sure your exams will all pan out in the end <3

  11. So if you're happy keep going like this ;D I love shopping and finding some things which keep me distructed (for example I bought some magazines - photos are motivational + it takes some time to get through it ;D)

  12. fucking love dresses. they make everything happier. best to you, doll.

  13. Whatever you wrote felt like you are saying all of it :) ..Exams..huh! :P
    I find this kind of entry very cute..Yeah its fun to lie when people piss you off :P

    Alcina-Afixxion Addixt