Friday, 13 April 2012

Herp Derp

Today has been so utterly boring. I'm literally bored to tears.

I did some writing today for English because our tutor asked us to write over the holidays in preparation for our exams at the end of May. Trouble is, whilst I think it is good, well, okay, it's kind of based all on eating disorders and self destruction etc. It was the only thing I seemed to be able to write about actually.

The only thing on my mind.

I'm debating whether to write something different or just suck it up and give her it. I'm putting way too much thought into this. There is not a chance in hell it can be any worse than anything the rest of the class has done.

I'll just suck it up.

I got my report today. I say 'got'... I got my friend to open it, scan it and email it to me haha. My Science tutor gave me a lovely report! I almost chocked on my tea when I read it! Like, he never gives anyone a good report. Maybe it's because I'm the only one who actually talks to him and isn't a total dipshit. Either way, his report made me happier than Emma's, Richard's and Louise's. I'm going to ask him if he was on drunk when I see him on Tuesday. ;)

He predicted me a B.

I got all my predictions too. Science = B. English = B. Maths = C since Richard is slightly stupid and entered me in foundation instead of higher. Le sigh.

I want above a B in Science.

This no scales thing is killing me. Almost as much as how slowly today is going. I hate not knowing what I weigh. It's like not knowing how many calories are in what you ate. Slow torture.

Still fat no matter what the number, though.

I need something to do. I'm slowly going insane. Why couldn't I have chosen today to go and see the Titanic? I'd continue reading a book I bought last night but I have no concentration to do so. No concentration but a ton of energy. It makes no sense and it's really annoying. You know when you are manic and want to do a billion things? I'm crazy, I know.

la de da di la crazy. ;)

I'm going to go exercise on the cross trainer and try to get rid of some of this energy. Me and it have become best friends this week. If only I could take it home...

Take care


  1. Finally caught up with you! Wooo! It took fucking long enough D:

    About the caring-not-caring. I get it, I really do. Maybe you should try a list-making thing? List all the things you don't care about, why you don't and work out what they have in common. The opposite of those things could be what you care about? (One of my favourite people is a midwife even though she hates babies&kids. She's a midwife coz she likes looking after women XD) Or try something new, really out of your usual routine. Maybe there are things out there that you would absolutely adore, but you don't right now coz you haven't found them yet. (Did that make any sense?)

    Have you tried Doc Martins and New Rocks for boot that fit? I know that New Rocks do odd sizing, coz my Ex has tiny feet for a guy and he had several pairs of perfectly fitting New Rocks. (I was so jealous. So, so fucking jealous. One of his pairs was all covered in gothy chains and spikes so they weighed 2.5kg per boot!)

    Take care and stay warm <3

  2. I wish I had the energy to work out.. Haven't been moving my fat ass for these last couple of days so I really should.

    Congrats on the report :)

  3. good luck and stay strong

    i followed, support

  4. Congrats on your grades!! I'm also dying without a scale. There has to be another way!! Xo

  5. omg you must go and see titanic 3D its amazing its not like really bad 3D its just so good to go to a cinema and watch a film youve already seen haha i loved it my friend was sat crying next to me haha aww go see it!
    i hope you get scales soon i know how frustrating it is not to be in control of how much you weigh
    and well done B is still a really good predicted grade and bare in mind its only predicted im sure ull do really well in the actual exam

  6. I hope everything with school goes as you would like, sorry I've been absent, hope your doing well.