Thursday, 5 April 2012

Gotta get used to this new layout

I've been meaning to post for the last few days and I either get terribly put off by the layout or I am being dragged to do something with my cousin.

I'm in Southampton for part of the holidays which is a nice break. What is also nice is my older cousin is a trainer in the British Army and I'm half spending time with him, half with my friends. Seriously though, the workouts we've all done here is seriously makes me question how fit I am! My shoulders/arms hurt from them push ups against the wall. They are perfectly fine whilst you are doing them and then it hits you in the morning.

I'm debating whether to join my friends and go to Dublin later this week until the end of the holidays. It's not like I have anything to go back home for until the 16th-ish time because I am not back at college until the 17th and Dublin is gorgeous. I seriously love their accents.

Decisions, decisions.

Being down here and away from home is great for tackling the binging though. I'm down 4lbs or so (don't trust these scales though. I don't trust any that aren't my own) since coming down, so I guess that is alright.

Right-io. Gym time. :) I hope you are all having a great Spring holiday.

Take care


  1. love the sore feeling after a good workout! youre doing amazing girl!

  2. Sounds like your having a great time! Well done for the loss :) Go to Dublin! Be happy xx