Tuesday, 17 April 2012


I had my Science exam thrown at me this morning! Totally surprised since it was meant to be Friday and even more surprised since I had not revised anything haha. Thankfully, I remembered half of it, had another smart person in my group and our tutor helped us despite the fact he wasn't meant to. Shh!

It was actually alright.

I fell asleep when I got home thanks to having no sleep and awoke to a message saying I have a mock English in the morning. I was more shocked about the English than Science! No one can help us 'work' in English. I hate exams right now and I have real ones starting next month.

Le sigh.

I finally got to weigh in this morning and was 9lbs lighter than when I started fasting. That's okay for now. I got past a goal weight, at least. I want to lose another kg by Thursday, though. Results day. At least I have my scales and can weigh in when I want though. I keep saying I'll do it once a week but it's hard not to do it daily.

And I can finally work out properly now!. It's single handedly the best thing about being home. I can pull my strange workout faces without anyone seeing. :P Plus I can do my regular run. I think I am going to start the 30 day shred in the morning. It's one of the best dvds I have done in the past.

I think I am going to watch my recorded Supersize v Superskinny and do an hour on the bike. It's far too cold to go for a run and I'd probably fall over or something because I'm half asleep. :P

I've got a terrible habit of holding on to my collarbones. Subconsciously I must think they are going to fall off or something haha. People keep commenting on it too and I try so hard not to do it, but fail.

Take care


  1. oh god! i'd hate exams to be sprung on me like that. have you any idea what the english one is going to be about or are you clueless?

    9lbs is great! take care of yourself though. don't want anything happening to you or anything.

    enjoy the cycle and ssVss. it's a really good show tonight if it is tonight's you are watching. xxx

  2. I do the same thing. I think if I let go suddenly they will disappear under a layer of fat! Your doing awesome on your fast! And wow two unexpected exams I would be in a ball on the floor crying! Your so amazing I would be freaking out! wow still shocked by the lack of notice on your exams. Anyway congrats on your loss that is awesome!
    with love,

  3. OMG is there more supersize vs superskinny??? I haven't been able to find an ep of that for evs and then some. It's my favourite thinspo. Thinspo and reverse thinspo all in one go!! I just love seeing skinny people that eat more than me, so I can be like nenene I can get there! Xo

  4. I love the 30 day shred best workout ever. I also love supersize vs superskinny. Exams totally suck I have 3 on Saturday boohoo. Good luck with yours. xoxoxo

  5. I've been thinking about doing the 30 day shred. I've heard good things about it and that there are 20 minute work outs which is right up my alley. 9 lbs. great job!

  6. 9 lbs! wow!!!
    The horror of the 30day shred ^^ it does work though :)

    GL ^^

  7. I love the shred too and that TV show! I watch it online when I get bored at work.

    The collarbone thing....never heard anything like it...but we are all weird in our own ways!! :)

    Good luck with your new goals sweetie!

  8. I like supersize vs superskinny, it's funny how people vary from each other.
    Nice news that you've lost so much, keep doing well.