Wednesday, 25 April 2012

English makes me smile

I got my final English assessment back today and got an A*.
I own Shakespeare! ;)
I got a B on my mock exam, realised where I went wrong and know how to get an A*.
All good.
It's definitely not bad when I spent 40 minutes on the first question before realising there was 5 others lol.
Cue a major spaz attack to write as fast as I could. xD

English (and tutorial) makes me kind of happy.
I think it's a mixture of tutors and the work.
I love writing and reading and them things.
It allows you to lose yourself/the sense of yourself for a while.

Thanks for the comments on the last post.
Things are still crap, but it's fine.
It's easy to get like that, harder to get out of it, right?

I have a mock Maths test in the morning.
Cannot be bothered in the slightest.
I'll revise a bit in a few hours once I have gone to the gym.
It won't be hard since I passed the calculator one with no studying.
Obviously I'll study for the real one though.

Since I have done my English and tutorial homework, I'm taking it as it's okay to go to the gym.
I've done some work at the very least.
I'll get a workout in before bed because I am so tired.
My sleeping pattern is completely out of wack.
I hate it.
I'm so tired.
I've spent the entire day just yawning.

I need to buy some new jeans and a coat.
Every store seems to think it is summer (idiots! This is Britain.) and has no coats/jackets or skinnies.
The only skinnies the seem to have are in stupid colours.
If I wanted pink jeans, I'd buy them. 
Until then, put some proper denim on display!

Stores, they suck as much as the stupid weather.
I am so sick of rain!
It definitely doesn't aid with lifting the mood.
And here the UK is supposedly in a drought.
My arse!
We've had enough rain to sink the country!

I've decided to weigh myself on the 20th May.
No idea why.
It's just a random day before exams start.
And 24 days away.
Not too far away.

Take care


  1. I'm glad you've smiled today, even if you still feel the same. :)
    Congrats on the grades miss smarty pants. I am so bad at anything not art related. English, Maths and Science make me look like an utter retard. xD I like reading though. Nothing like getting lost in a good book.

    Keep your head up. And I feel you on the rain! I am sick of being soaked everytime I walk out of the front door. xxx

  2. And good luck with the Maths! Enjoy your workout too. xx

  3. YAAAYYYY!!! Congrats on your test! So proud of you, we knew you could do it!

    Lame on the no coats.....coats always seem to be an issue in my world too, lol


  4. hope that 20th of may is beautiful day for u and me hopefully lying on a beach somewhere :P
    congrats on the english :)
    i bought a coat from topshop for guess how much?! £10!!!!! reduced from £90 bargain of the entire century :P get urself in there theres a sale on and tomorrow students get 20% off bonus! <3 lovee a gd sale
    hope ur ok

  5. Well done on your exams!! Feel proud of yourself :) And rain, it;s lovely ;) xx

  6. Congrats! In Poland san finally went up and it is so pleasant outside, I hope the weather would be like that as long as possible.

  7. Well done, my dear!
    Good luck on your Maths exam, I am sure you will do just fine.
    I need to get myself some new clothes too.
    Stay positive, stay beautiful. <3