Thursday, 19 April 2012

Come and endure my ramblings

I got an A* in Chemistry 1b! One question wrong overall which is not what I was expecting. I got a B in Physics 1a too which is alright.

I did get a D in Chemistry 1a and a C in Physics 1b though, so I am resitting them in June with Biology.
The grade boundaries this time were so ridiculous. Unbelievably ridiculous. They always seem to be in March for some reason. I was 1 mark away from a A instead of B, 1 mark away from a B instead of C and 1 mark away from a C instead of D. How unlucky is that? But I'll resit and attempt to get A's at least. The AQA board is so shite.

AQA needs destroying. Funny how it's the bad grades I focus on rather than the good ones.

I don't know whether to trade the B in too. I could keep the B, aim for 2 A*'s in Biology, a A* in Chemistry and Physics resits and aim for A/A* in my ISA and still get an overall A*

I could do that. I have to do that.

It's killing the perfectionist inside me to have a C and D even though them two marks are better than what the rest of the class got. Grades are pretty much my only trigger too which is sucky.

So triggering. I definitely have no desire to eat.

I need to start spending more time studying rather than letting ED things rule everything. It's so hard not to though. I've never mastered trying to focus more on other things rather than the ED. I have no idea how to. I mean, I know the concept and how to theoretically do so, but I can't put the theory into practice. Even now, I'm meant to be revising for my written part of my ISA and all I am focused on is exercising, weight, numbers...

I need an off switch for things.

Anyway, that is way more than enough exam talk. At least tomorrow is the last one until the week starting the 21st of May. Tomorrow is the last day people will have to endure me talking about it for a few weeks haha.

I don't think I am drinking enough fluids throughout the day. I never get thirsty so I never remember to drink anything. I am starting to realise I hardly drink a bottle of water though and that isn't good. Especially when you haven't eaten. Drinking seems such a chore though. I think that might be why my body aches too. I feel I have done some serious working out and I can't say I have.

I should be working out more, though.

I complain a lot, don't I? I am so annoying, I know. I'm off to bed though, so you don't have to read my moaning anymore. :P I need some sleep or I will die. My sleeping pattern is pretty much non existent lately and I feel like crap because of it.

Take care


  1. Those are really good results. I got 3 As and 3 Bs in mine after retaking a couple of Cs. The ISAs and exams next year really pulled my overall grades up. You don't need to worry about them.

    I know how you feel about drinking. I tend to drink when I'm eating, so when I'm attempting fasts or resisting food then I'll drink nothing too.
    Good luck with your exams.

  2. Congrats on the awesome grades hun!! Good Job!