Sunday, 18 March 2012


Last night was really fun. I went out with friends for St Patrick's Day (going back out tonight actually) and it was really good.

Apart from ONE thing.

There was tutors of mine in the same bar! Yeah, I really did not want to drink. Or get drunk in case I did something stupid. I got over it eventually though. It's actually not the first time I've been in a bar with a tutor. I live near my old high school one and former college tutor (different college to the current one) and see them often which is strange.

I did, however, forget how much of a bad idea it is to eat something after a long period of time not eating. Honestly, I think taking laxatives would have been much easier on my stomach. Still, good night. :)

I got my hair cut on Tuesday. Nearly 6 inches off. Since I am growing it out and not dying it, I figured I might as well get a different cut and let it grow healthy. Although I miss not being able to fully braid or curl it, it's so soft! However, according to people in my class, I look even more like my English tutor. I do miss my hair a little though. At least it takes less time to do it in a morning is what I am reminding myself.

I think I am going to go back to fasting tomorrow. Especially after this weekend. I am absolutely stuffed and feel all blah.

I realised how much things have changed today. From this time last year to now. Everything is just so different and some of that is good. Some is definitely good. Some is... Just yeah. Requires far too much thinking and time. The latter of the two I don't have right now lol.

Take care


  1. Your hair will grow back and look so much better for it. I'm a big fan of the "natural" look. I'm sure it's lovely!

  2. Same bar? Eek!
    I bet your hair looks lovely. It's always liberating to have so much taken off at once. :]

    Enjoy your night. xx

  3. Natural hair is always really pretty! Do you plan on getting any high/low lights put in once you've grown the old colour out?

  4. It will grow back. It'll grow faster than you think :)

    You take care too, ok?


  5. its always amazing just how much things change without us quite noticing...goodluck...n i bet your hair looks amazing

  6. Good luck on your fasting!
    I've been wanting to cut my hair too, but I'm just not sure if it would look good short. I have so many split ends- it's ridiculous xD

  7. Ooh a haircut.. I bet you look amazing :)

    and you are right, things change alot.. Sometimes the changes happen too fast - it is good to be able to look back and know that some of it was good/great :)


  8. There's always that mixed emotion when it comes to cutting your hair! About three years ago a hairdresser (that was different from my normal one) accidentally cut about 8inches of my hair off because she wasn't paying attention. I had to have it all evened out and when I left I had a bob haircut for the first time since my Mum used to decide my hairstyles (which was when I was about 5). It still hasn't grown back to where it was. Can't work out if my hair just grows extra slow or it's spiting me for cutting it. Then again one of my friends can grow that much hair in about 3 weeks.
    It's so lovely when it's all soft, shiny and healthy though! I'm sure it looks wonderful :)

    Haha, I hope you didn't end up doing anything too drunken-silly then! Every Geography field trip I went on when I was in college was like that. But it got to the point where my tutor would buy us all a drink before she left and told us 'to have a good time' but still 'expect to be up early for field work'.

    So glad you had a nice time!

    Take care, and I hope things stay okay xxx