Saturday, 3 March 2012

They went really well

I hope!

I found the exams really easy though, so hopefully all that revision and no sleep pays off on the 19th of April when I get my results.

Quite nervous now!

I only figured out how to do chemical equations in the exam itself lol. When I told Umesh he just laughed.

I went to the counselling place on Thursday with a completely open mind.
It went really, really well. I didn't think it would to be honest.
I've heard way too many horror stories, but it was okay.

I still can't say I have an eating disorder or any of that stuff out loud though.
I just can't get it out. It's quite stupid really.
But if I say it out loud, then it is real. And I don't think I like the fact or can handle the fact it is real despite knowing it is.

She psycho-analysed my arse though and got everything pretty much spot on!
It scared me!
Christine has the ability to do that too.
Scary is the only word for it.

All I've done today is write an amazing essay on Shakespeare's Sonnet 116 and study Biology.

Finally on Biology!

I got an A* on the old Biology tests online when I did them last night and that is with no studying. 36/36 and 33/36. Biology is my subject along with English. They both require no studying to get a good grade.
Which reminds me, I got an A* on my essay on Romeo and Juliet! I was so pleased about it. Shakespeare is definitely my strongest point in English. I love him.

I hope everyone is well. I've been reading blogs and feel I have missed quite a lot.

Take care


  1. well done
    wish u lots of luck :)

  2. I'm sure you did well on your exams think positive :D I know what you mean about saying about the ED out loud, it really does make it real =/ I hate talking to my psychiatrist about stuff too, it's scary sometimes what can come out of my mouth! Well done on your Romeo and Juliet assignment :) You super clever thing :D xx

  3. Congratulations darling!