Thursday, 2 February 2012

Returning a wee bit broken...

Holy cow it is cold! Too cold.

Cold makes broken bones hurt too. Fricking hell. I wrote burns out three times instead of bones. I think I have burns on my mind from burning my wee finger with the ghds this morning. I had completely forgotten how difficult it is to do your hair and everything when you use your left hand to do everything. At least I am technically right handed so can write.. Not that I can't write with the left hand lol.

I got my letter for counselling today. Only took 7 months...
I've got to call them and book and appointment... I so don't want to anymore. I do but I don't. I dunno. :/ I have until the 9th to call them. I think I'll call in the morning but not make the appointment until after my Science exams. That way I have the ability to just focus on studying for them.

My hand is really itching. :/  Right on ze thumb and it is annoying me. I still find it ironic that I was on my high school's rugby team and never got an injury, but play it for fun and hello A&E. Pssh. Oh well. Casted next week and get rid of this annoying splint thingy. We are doing a voting chart for the colour in class lol. Red, purple, blue, pink or red. I've actually never had a red cast which is surprising considering how many casts I have had. :P

I'm meant to be studying. I can't be bothered though. But I should since I have four exams in like, 28 days. They are all one after the other too which sucks since they are on two different subjects. Ooh, I got an A in our practice Maths thingy today. A HUGE improvement from last time haha. I have the book Richard prints practice tests off which, you know, is pretty cool. I can uh, memorize... I mean study for it before doing the test. ;) I joke, I joke, I don't cheat in Maths.

I've not heard anything back from my doctor and I am not arsed enough to go and book an appointment. I should, but I can't be arsed. If he can't reply, I can't be bothered seeing him just yet. That sounds really childish, I know, but meh.

Hope everyone is okay. :)

Take care


  1. Eeep I hope those bones heal up soon!

    Good luck with your tests. Maths is scary, you're so brave!

    Lol, Tim is amazing isn't he? As if I didn't have ENOUGH reasons to hate my parents XD At least this is a good-ish reason, no?

    When we go grey we should dye our hair into rainbows. And I mean serious full-on rainbows. We'll be the coolest grannies around!


  2. thats ridiculous & months!!!!!!!!!!!
    hope the hand heals dear
    much love

  3. its stupid how cold it is here too.. I just don't get it..

    Take care of you and wb :)

  4. Hope you hands heal up and everything goes well with your exams!!


  5. I'm sorry for the broken hand, darling, that just sucks, I know that, specially in this cold weather it's the last thing you need....
    I don't worry you wouldn't pass any of your exams, from your posts I can see your really smart and good in what you're studying!
    Take care!