Sunday, 26 February 2012

I'm like, y'know, actually alive and stuff

I've been so busy preparing for exams, I haven't really been on any other site than my revision ones and Facebook.

I got an A* last Thursday on my English Romeo and Juliet essay. I still have to wait for the final grade from Emma (Christine needs to read it so they can decide on the mark), but go me! I was pretty happy because we had a fire alarm half way through the test and had to complete it the day after and I felt I had forgotten what I was talking about. Obviously not. P* was all preachy about getting a C and then asked what I got... Me and R* just had a good chuckle at her face before she left lol.

I'm a bitch sometimes. But P* is pretty stupid and I don't just call people that for the sake of it. She got an F in both Physics and Maths. She averages a D, occasionally a C in English and yeah. She's very... Simple to put it politely. I'm not her greatest fan to be honest.

See? I can be a real bitch. I can't help it. I just don't like people who try to make out they are better than everyone else.

Anyway. I have 4 exams on Thursday followed by an English lesson. 4. Two Physics and two Chemistry ones. Panicking, but going over past exams, I seem to average between A* and A. Occasionally a B. I just need to focus on revising from tomorrow because I only have two Science lessons before Thursday. Normally it would be one but he's doing an extra class.

Um... What else? I'm trying to rush because we are going out for drinks in like, 10 minutes. Got to celebrate the football and stuff.

Mind has gone blank and I am out of time. I'll blog tomorrow or something and add more details to it rather than just bragging about how smart I am haha.

Take care


  1. Well done on your exam!! You should be proud of yourself :) And good luck with the rest :) I'm sure you'll do brilliant if you revise revise revise!! :D xx

  2. Simple is my go to "they're completely stupid" adjective as well! Congrats on the good grades!


  3. you aren't being a bitch - just honest heheh

    Enjoy the drinks ^^

  4. Goodluck!
    You're loads smart, so it's alright to brag ;)
    Love you. x

  5. Good luck for your exams baby! I know you'll kick ass! Xo