Sunday, 12 February 2012


No college until the 21st.

Thank God! I need some serious sleep. And to revise. But sleep first.

I got onto next years course. :) 
I got the first unconditional offer of the year from my college which is pretty cool but me and my friend are on different courses though because we aren't the same age. :( 
Bummed out about that. 
However, the Science tutor (also the head of Science) is lovely. I can't say the same about most of the other tutors just yet though.

Hand hurts still. 
So much. 
I've got to go for a bone scan on Tuesday and then back to A&E clinic on Friday. 
Such joyous fun. 
Hopefully it then casted because I freaking hate splints and so does my skin. 
If I didn't love sports, I would avoid them forever because the amount of broken bones I have had from sports... Ridiculous.

Ooh, I got an iPhone 4s the other day and it's really addictive. 
I keep forgetting the BlackBerry isn't touch screen because of it lol.

I have counselling on the 1st of March. 
Pretty much straight after my exams, so I can tell that Thursday is going to be a fantastic day. 
I'm not looking forward to it to be honest. 
Plus appointments make me feel I should lose more weight just to prove... Well, to prove something
I don't know what. 

I might make a doctors appointment soon too. 
I want some stronger painkillers, but I also don't. Let's just say I don't have the best history with pills lol.
I still don't want to see my doctor though because I am being childish about him not replying.

I applied to volunteer with St John Ambulance too. It looks really good and a great distraction from things. 

Right. I am going to go for a run before hitting the books. :)
Have a good night.

Take care


  1. Hey, thank you for following my blog.
    Looking forward to read your writings too. :)

    Have a great week ahead. :)

  2. Ttly love my Iphone 4s too ^^ Let me know if you find some good apps :)

    Sometimes stronger painkillers are needed, just be careful with them..


  3. i know exactly what you mean by proving something...self fulfilling prohecy?
    try to see the counselling as positive not something to feel bad about there to help honey and youve waited long enough for this oppourtunity

  4. Hope your holidays are going ok, and you're getting some rest. That's great you applied to the ambulance!! I'm impressed. :)