Sunday, 26 February 2012

I'm like, y'know, actually alive and stuff

I've been so busy preparing for exams, I haven't really been on any other site than my revision ones and Facebook.

I got an A* last Thursday on my English Romeo and Juliet essay. I still have to wait for the final grade from Emma (Christine needs to read it so they can decide on the mark), but go me! I was pretty happy because we had a fire alarm half way through the test and had to complete it the day after and I felt I had forgotten what I was talking about. Obviously not. P* was all preachy about getting a C and then asked what I got... Me and R* just had a good chuckle at her face before she left lol.

I'm a bitch sometimes. But P* is pretty stupid and I don't just call people that for the sake of it. She got an F in both Physics and Maths. She averages a D, occasionally a C in English and yeah. She's very... Simple to put it politely. I'm not her greatest fan to be honest.

See? I can be a real bitch. I can't help it. I just don't like people who try to make out they are better than everyone else.

Anyway. I have 4 exams on Thursday followed by an English lesson. 4. Two Physics and two Chemistry ones. Panicking, but going over past exams, I seem to average between A* and A. Occasionally a B. I just need to focus on revising from tomorrow because I only have two Science lessons before Thursday. Normally it would be one but he's doing an extra class.

Um... What else? I'm trying to rush because we are going out for drinks in like, 10 minutes. Got to celebrate the football and stuff.

Mind has gone blank and I am out of time. I'll blog tomorrow or something and add more details to it rather than just bragging about how smart I am haha.

Take care

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Yet again

My nana's back in hospital.




Just when everything from the last 6 weeks is calming down again. (ED, SI, suicidal shit etc etc...)

Le sigh.

Sunday, 12 February 2012


No college until the 21st.

Thank God! I need some serious sleep. And to revise. But sleep first.

I got onto next years course. :) 
I got the first unconditional offer of the year from my college which is pretty cool but me and my friend are on different courses though because we aren't the same age. :( 
Bummed out about that. 
However, the Science tutor (also the head of Science) is lovely. I can't say the same about most of the other tutors just yet though.

Hand hurts still. 
So much. 
I've got to go for a bone scan on Tuesday and then back to A&E clinic on Friday. 
Such joyous fun. 
Hopefully it then casted because I freaking hate splints and so does my skin. 
If I didn't love sports, I would avoid them forever because the amount of broken bones I have had from sports... Ridiculous.

Ooh, I got an iPhone 4s the other day and it's really addictive. 
I keep forgetting the BlackBerry isn't touch screen because of it lol.

I have counselling on the 1st of March. 
Pretty much straight after my exams, so I can tell that Thursday is going to be a fantastic day. 
I'm not looking forward to it to be honest. 
Plus appointments make me feel I should lose more weight just to prove... Well, to prove something
I don't know what. 

I might make a doctors appointment soon too. 
I want some stronger painkillers, but I also don't. Let's just say I don't have the best history with pills lol.
I still don't want to see my doctor though because I am being childish about him not replying.

I applied to volunteer with St John Ambulance too. It looks really good and a great distraction from things. 

Right. I am going to go for a run before hitting the books. :)
Have a good night.

Take care

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Returning a wee bit broken...

Holy cow it is cold! Too cold.

Cold makes broken bones hurt too. Fricking hell. I wrote burns out three times instead of bones. I think I have burns on my mind from burning my wee finger with the ghds this morning. I had completely forgotten how difficult it is to do your hair and everything when you use your left hand to do everything. At least I am technically right handed so can write.. Not that I can't write with the left hand lol.

I got my letter for counselling today. Only took 7 months...
I've got to call them and book and appointment... I so don't want to anymore. I do but I don't. I dunno. :/ I have until the 9th to call them. I think I'll call in the morning but not make the appointment until after my Science exams. That way I have the ability to just focus on studying for them.

My hand is really itching. :/  Right on ze thumb and it is annoying me. I still find it ironic that I was on my high school's rugby team and never got an injury, but play it for fun and hello A&E. Pssh. Oh well. Casted next week and get rid of this annoying splint thingy. We are doing a voting chart for the colour in class lol. Red, purple, blue, pink or red. I've actually never had a red cast which is surprising considering how many casts I have had. :P

I'm meant to be studying. I can't be bothered though. But I should since I have four exams in like, 28 days. They are all one after the other too which sucks since they are on two different subjects. Ooh, I got an A in our practice Maths thingy today. A HUGE improvement from last time haha. I have the book Richard prints practice tests off which, you know, is pretty cool. I can uh, memorize... I mean study for it before doing the test. ;) I joke, I joke, I don't cheat in Maths.

I've not heard anything back from my doctor and I am not arsed enough to go and book an appointment. I should, but I can't be arsed. If he can't reply, I can't be bothered seeing him just yet. That sounds really childish, I know, but meh.

Hope everyone is okay. :)

Take care