Sunday, 1 January 2012

Day 1

I forgot to post this last night so I'll just edit the date on it.

I gained 9.4lbs over Christmas. I am so shocked. Like, what did I eat? Or what didn't I eat? Haha. I know most probably isn't proper weight but I am still allowed to be shocked.

I'm getting sick of seeing all the posts on Facebook talking about a new year, a new me. Why couldn't they just change whenever it was things started to go wrong in 2011? Why do people always insist on saying they'll change every single year? Not many of them actually do. I'm kind of sick of getting asked my resolutions too because most are ED related. I can't come straight out and say, "Oh, I'd like to lose 40lbs." I can imagine they wouldn't be all, "That is fantastic! You go for it girl!"

Did anyone make resolutions anyway? One of mine is to renew my gym membership. I know a lot of people say they'll go to the gym in the new year, but I actually want to. I miss it and it just isn't the same exercising at home.

I want to start the ABC again for some reason. Yeah, maybe I will.

It's my birthday in 22 days! :D It's on a Monday this year which is so much better than a Sunday. I hated the fact my 18th was on a Sunday with college the next day. Talking of college, I go back on Tuesday and haven't done a shred of my English work. Nor have I revised for my Maths test. Bad student. :P

New Year was good though. So drunk! After the 2nd, I am not drinking until my birthday! I make this sound like I am a raging alcoholic (I'm not), but the amount of alcohol I have drunk over the last 2 week probably outweighs the amount of food I have eaten. My wee liver needs a break. And water. So much water..

Take care


  1. Yeah, I don't really do resolutions... January 1 is just so arbitrary, if you think of it, but people give it so much importance. Have "fun" with ABC, though, and good luck with the rest of your goals! xx

  2. I had some ... not resolutions per say- just stuff I am planning to do :)

    Glad you had fun on NYE almost bday girl ^^

  3. Yeah I agree completely about the new years resolutions thing. I never really make goals of any kind anyways though.
    And ohmygod I know what you mean. xD I've been drinking more than eating lately too. Got WAY too drunk on new years eve.

  4. You can lose that weight in no time! I know how you feel about the resolutions... Mine are: lose 20 pounds, keep it off, go to the gym at least 4 times a week and don't get in fights... My public resolution: don't get in fights.
    looking forward to reading your posts to come!

  5. I also decided to renew my gym membership and dive head first into my school work. I don't need my GPA slipping again!

  6. OMG I gained the SAME amount of weight as you.....except I remember what I stuffed my face much binginggg EWWWWWW

    I am in total agreeance with the Whole New Years resolution shit. I have new goals for the year but it's only because I have to wait for the holidays to pass.....because yes, like you, mine are all ED related. Too funny.

    Luck and Love.

  7. Glad you had a good new yaers! and Good call not drinking again till your birthday! Mine is soon too so I'm taking your example on that and am going to do the same! <3
    As for the weight gain, it probably isn't right, its probably a lot of water weight, it happens to me all the time! You're right about the resolutions too, like, what do you tell people? I just say I don't have one, when really its to reach my UGW and look amazing (AKA better than the girl I HATEEEEEEEEEEEEE) hahaa I hope you're doing well and DO YOUR HOMEWORK! :)
    xox <3 Leigha

  8. hey, happy new year!

    i had a similar gain, 10 lbs!! i know i ate a lot but i was like surely i didn't eat 35000 extra calories?!?! it felt like even breathing was piling on the pounds! but i'm working on losing, and staying focused and motivated.

    anyway, hope the new year brings good things! xx