Sunday, 11 December 2011

Only a few more days!

Until I don't have to wake up at 5am! I think I am liking that aspect about the two weeks off college than anything else. I think I might just have to start a countdown. :)

I'm debating whether to get microdermals under my collarbones. I'm getting my hip dermals and nose done for my birthday, I'm just stuck as to whether I should get collarbones done too. I think I might. I should..

I'm off to the gym in a wee bit with David since I am beyond bored and need to do something. Anything. The gym sounds a good idea though. A good workout is always good. I've just realised how many times I have used the word 'good' lol.

I really need to drink more water. I really don't drink enough of anything throughout the day. I should buy them 1 litre bottles of Evian (I think we all know that I am a water snob lol) and make sure to drink at least 1 a day.

Does anybody else plan out their food for the next week or whatever? For some reason, I feel much more in control of things when I do. Though Christmas seems to make December pure hell when it comes to the ED and the purging side of things. I'd take January over it since nobody over indulges in January because they all want to lose the few pounds they gained over Christmas.

Take care


  1. Yay not having to get up early! One more week and I can sleep in every day for a month. The downside is I have no idea what I'm going to do with myself all month.

    I sometimes plan my meals ahead, although usually only a few days because my weeks are so unpredictable. I don't always stick to my plans though.

    And I think if you want the microdermals under your collarbones you should do it.

  2. I suck at drinking water, too haha. I mean I always promise myself I'm going to start drinking more water to get clearer skin and stuff but I never remember to actually drink it...

    And I love January because no one really cares if you're trying to lose weight because it seems like everyone's doing that after christmas! It's so great.

    Hugs! ♥

  3. the threat of holiday food/weight gain is the worst. I've scheduled my workouts already for when I go home for christmas break!

  4. Look forward to your 2 weeks off! :D And get as many piercings as you like!! I love them :) Have a good workout! And plan out your food for each week, day by day, it's so much easier that way, especially with xmas coming up xx

  5. I also plan out my meals for a week. It keeps me from bingeing. And makes me feel in control of things as well. But during holiday season I usually fast as much as I can in order to save up the calories for Christmas and New Year.

    Have a nice day!

  6. I try to plan out my food,it makes things easier to know what to expect. Christmas is indeed hell. Holidays always throw me off. Best of luck to you, and have fun at the gym!

  7. ooh microdermals freak the hell out of me.. I know they are supposed to be like piercings.. but they really scare the shit out of me lol...


  8. I've been wanting to get my nose done for ages! I'm thinking of getting it done as a little christmas present for myself as there's a deal on at this piercing place I know. Please let me know if it hurts, yeah?
    I love both the microdermals under the collarbones and the hip dermals They're both so lovely. I always get worried though that if I was to get the hip dermals that they'd get caught on things I wear or stick out obviously when I'm wearing something tight.

    I love planning out food. I have a rough idea of what I plan on eating in a week and when I'm lying in bed at night I try and plan out what I will be eating the next day. It's so silly but I absolutely love it; it makes me feel in control, it gives me such a great feeling.
    I hope Christmas isn't too difficult.
    Love Anafly

  9. What are microdermals? It sounds so serious. Please explain in your next post :)

    I try plan what I'm going to eat but my life is so scattered, I'm usually forced to wing it and find a way to stay low. I personally love teh routine of knowing what I'm allowed each day and actually making a plan each day. I feel more in control :)

  10. oh my gowsh you should totally get the microdermals!! Thats soo freaken sweet!

  11. pictures from the last post are pretty! you have such soft looking skin! :) and yessss its soo hard to drink enough water, for real

  12. I loooovvee not having to get up early so YAY for holidays :)
    I love planning out food but I go off my rocker if something hinders my plan or for some reason I can't follow it.
    I know what you mean about december - I purge way more in December.
    Pictures of the microdermals when you get them pweaassee :D