Thursday, 8 December 2011

I'm so bad at posting lately so you can have some pictures :P

College is taking up all my time. Bloody essays! Speaking of which, I have to write one in class today that I am still finishing the plan for. I think it's done now though. I hope it is at least. I need to get a shower lol.

I look really weird with my glasses on. I look like a completely different person according to everyone who knows me. I'd pretty much agree depending which pair of glasses I wear.

That is the sort of shade of brown I dyed my hair weeks ago and said I would take a picture of. My webcam is bad at taking photos at my friends though. My hair has grown loads! It grows really fast which is pretty surprising.
 I've still got to finish my Christmas shopping. I've done most of it nearly and my apartment is sweet/chocolate heaven! It would be a little kids best friend lol. I am sick of having sweets and chocolate bought for me though. 1) I can't eat dairy. 2) The sweets are never vegetarian. I'd much rather have crackers or something lol.

I do need to go shopping for more gifts after English today though. Who knew it could be so hard to buy for boys? I'm absolutely stumped at what to buy.

I didn't quite lose the 3.2kg thanks to the ever wondering thing that is the period. I think I was like a kg off or something. Maybe just under 1kg. I did hit a lowest weight in years though which I am okay about.

I feel worried about having my picture on here now. I have some weird vision that someone I know will see them and I never used to be worried about things like that.

I'm 122.8lbs at the moment and would like to be 118lbs by the time college is out next Friday. I think that is the first time I have typed out my weight on here in... Ages! I don't do it often on PT either. When I am on there, that is.

Take care


  1. I like your hair colour :) and you do look really different with/without glasses!
    I get paranoid about people finding it with pictures too, but who would be looking for it? And if they did, it's my choice/right/whatever to have a blog :)
    I'm sure you can be 118 for next Friday :)
    Lottie x

  2. Awww - honey you are so so so beautiful! ^^

    I feel ttly weird with my glasses on too. I have needed them at work lately.

    Again :) I think you look great


  3. you look so cute with glasses! and I love you just the same without :)
    good luck with all your essays!

  4. you look really lovely hun and your tiny!!
    xmas shopping is a pain but i LOVE wrapping them up im in bow and ribbon heaven my sister says i should have a ribbon draw like monica outta friends <3 haha gunna hit me oxford street for some last minute xmas shopping :) ope your essays go ok
    much love

  5. You look great, such a cute friendly face!!

  6. Ah I'm hearing you on the "schoolwork stealing your time" front! It's nearly Christmas break though so okay :D

    And I look crazy different in my glasses too (not that I ever wear them!) you look nice :) get uglier please. :p

    Well done on the Christmas shopping! :D I hope you found something for the guys after English :)

    If you're really worried you can take down the pictures but I don't think it's anything to worry about :) xx

  7. Your gorgeous :D Gahhh chocolates and sweets!!!!! So Much temptation >< Stay strong and motivated!! xx

  8. Wow, you're beautiful! (Sorry, that's an odd place to jump in-- my blog's been abandoned for what feels like months and I'm just getting back up to speed.)

    I feel you on the school thing... it's killing me slowly, methinks. Congrats on your weight!

  9. you're really pretty :) and i'm jealous your hair grows so fast.. mine literally crawls out of my head like it's being forced to.. grrr

  10. Awww you're eyes are gorgeous!! And you are in just general too!! I also look sooo different in glasses, and I even feel like a different person. Good luck losing weight girl!


  11. You're so pretty! I wish I had your big doll-eyes! Good job hitting your lowest :)

  12. You look so pretty!!! The glasses are nice too!! Good luck with school!

  13. I love the pics you look great!! I understand how you feel about posting the first pics but eventually it will pass. If your still worried in a few weeks only post body pics and no face shots. I tend to lean that way myself.

    I really like the hair color and you're room looks super cute. :)