Saturday, 3 December 2011

The 3rd of December

First thing is first. My sports tutor is so cute. So cute in fact, that I am going to pick sport as my optional lesson after the Christmas holidays. Obviously it isn't just because he is good looking...

Going back to yesterday, none of us realised that we would have to spend more than an hour in the college gym. Can I just say that it is not fun, nor is it easy, to work out in skinny jeans and boots? It isn't an experience I ever wish to try again. It was nice to have an unexpected workout though. Even if I didn't smell as nice leaving the gym as I did entering the gym. :P

I hate not weighing myself on the weekends. It's frustrating for a lot of reasons, but good for a load of others. Bleh. I don't know. A break from the scale has never killed anyone, right? Surprisingly, I never used the scales for the first few years of my ED. I was always much more of a tape measure fan. Now, I rarely use a tape measure.

I've got lots of shopping to do tomorrow. Unfortunately none of it is for clothes. :( I don't really need more clothes (apart from skinny jeans) though. When I was doing the ironing and putting my clothes away before college the other day, I realised I have so many clothes I haven't even worn! Or I've worn them once and never again. I get stuck in a rut with favourite clothes sometimes.

Take care


  1. An unexpected workout is great god I would give anything to work a gym membership into my buget and day. I work and 8 hour job and have a hubby and 4 kids that think we need to eat but 6:30 pm no matter what lol. I have a pair of wet seal jeans I bought on line thinking all size 7 were the same that I can wear yet my goal by christmas is to slim down my fat thighs and get them on! good luck on your shopping!

  2. same! We say we have nothing to weaar....even though our wardrobes are full with clothes, we just never wear all of them :L Hope you doing good xx

  3. I'm like that with clothes too! I really need to go thru and donate the stuff I never wear/doesnt fit anymore. It would give much more storage space

  4. I wish I had this clothing problem of having too many xD
    hot teachers/coaches are always the best :P I think my school has some sort of no hot teachers rule ;) haha
    I hope you are having a lovely december 3rd
    love <3

  5. I do that too! I have so many clothes that have been pushed to the back of my closet because I get stuck in a rut of my favorite clothes. =p

  6. I only had one cute tutor/teacher while I was in school.. Soo sad... hmm.. Anywho- glad you have a better "view" than I did hehe

    I know what you mean but needing more cloths.. I have a bunch of cloths I never wear, or only wore once.. I only use them (if I do) when I am ttly out of clean cloths..

    Ah well..

    Enjoy your day hon :)

  7. You always seem to get good looking tutors, haha so cool.

    I go through phases of using the scale and avoiding it. I always want to use tape measures but I'm pretty sure I would do it wrong.

    Gym thing must have been so weird. I can't imagine how difficult and sweaty you must have felt exercising in boots and skinny jeans.

  8. oohh....I imagine the workout was NOT comfortable. Kudos to you for getting it done though. I WISH i could wear skinny jeans. : /
    I'm pretty sure it's illegal for fatasses like me.