Thursday, 1 December 2011

35 pounds ago...

I bought a lovely pair of shoes today to celebrate of sorts getting the highest English result again. It is safe to say I am amazing when it comes to English. :P
Back on the subject of the shoes. It made me realise (since they were £35) that I had lost 35lbs since telling my doctor and yet I don't see it. It's kind of not fair that we can never see how we really look but other people can.

I'm freezing tonight. The apartment is pretty warm too which is thoroughly annoying. I hate being cold.

I cannot believe it is December! Gosh. I should probably get started on that Christmas shopping at some point. I can't say I want to, but I should. I don't know what to buy people apart from obscene amounts of chocolate and sweets and biscuits. I quite like feeding people haha. Me and my friends have all already decided what we are going to have for Christmas dinner. I want a tofu and vegetable stir fry with rice noodles. I considered the vegetarian version of Christmas dinner but I can't be bothered with it.

I have 3.2kg to lose by next Wednesday (7th). Completely possible, completely needed.

Take care


  1. You can lose that :) Congrats on your english essay :D xx

  2. I, to, love to feed people. Last year, I did this:
    It's a thoughtful gift that clearly took time, but it's very cheap to assemble, and the baking never occurs on your watch, so you won't be tempted. Good luck on the 3.2, and stay warm...

  3. It's strange that the year is almost over. I can't believe I've been 18 for over half a year. It seems crazy to think that.

    Yayy on the english results and shoes of course. =) <3 xx

  4. and congrats on being 35lbs down too, of course. :P xx

  5. you are making such awesome progress! I HATE being cold too. It is my least favorite thing EVER! I always but my mom the same kind of chocolate every year for xmas and she loves it. :)

  6. It is insane how fast time goes.. I can not believe it is December either. - and hay girlie! Yay for 35 lbs :) AND yay for the shoes ...

    I love putting shoes up as rewards... ^^

    Take care of you :)


  7. I'm sorry you can't see your weight loss - it's shitty but also a sign surely of how bad your eating disorder is :( and if you can't see these 35lbs, you won't be able to see the next 3kg :(

    I can't believe it's December either :s usually I've bought all my presents by now, written all the cards etc etc ... Not this year :| I'm blaming school for this lack of festivity and time :p good luck with buying that all! Xxxx

  8. well done for the english result honey! so proud of you :)
    yeh xmas is a time of year when people make and eat alot of food. But it doesnt neccessarily mean you have to. Your alternative xmas dinner sounds yummy tho id go with that.
    And yess ive got to do loads of shopping just bidding for a bag on ebay and entered the wrong amount like £200 pounds wrong stupid dollars confusing my ickle brain haha anyways
    much love

  9. What's your plan to lose those kilos?

  10. CONGRATS!!!! on the weight loss and new shoes..I love shoes I must have almost 60 pair now lol. I find it funny that we cant see it. some times when my hubby is rubbing my back I can feel his hands hit my bones but cant see any. Keep you the great work!

  11. Good luck with the weight loss and your Christmas dinner sounds unique and very tasty! :)


  12. well done on your english! i wish i was that tallented! and yay for shoes :)
    haha i love feeding people too, but then i feel guilty, like im hurting them :/
    haha thats not very traditional! im having veggies, fish and maybe a roast potatoe :) if im lucky i will allow a yorkshire pudding :)
    good luck loosing the weight!
    lottie x

  13. well done on english!! and congratz :)