Saturday, 12 November 2011

Catch up

So I am back. Again.

I gave up on my old laptop and bought another one instead. I used the excuse that I got the highest mark in my English exam as my reason for buying it haha. I got 13 out of 15 again like I did in my mock one, so I am okay with that. I was dreading it being worse which a lot of people in my class ended up doing. I'm doing pretty good in that class to say I never really did English in high school. It must come naturally like Maths does. :P I've just got to wait on the results from the test we did Wednesday and Thursday in English. Hopefully we'll get them next week or the week after.

Things are alright though. I actually ate in front of two friends in college plus Christine and Emma. I actually felt really proud of myself because I don't eat in front of people a lot. Especially ones that know about my ED which the tutors do. So yeah. It's kind of lame, but I was pleased with that. I must say, my college does a really good vegetable stir fry!

I had a doctors appointment on Thursday. I always seem to see him on a Thursday which I do no mind because there is 3 days before it and 3 days after it. Yeah, I like the number 3 if I haven't mentioned. Plus it is the 4th day of the week and 4 is my favourite number. I've ventured straight off of the point as to why I went haven't I? He sprung a 'surprise' blood test on me. That is never good when you have cuts and things all up your arms. It's also not good when you haven't eaten either. But yeah. The lecture aka 'concerned talk' I got off the nurse was just unreal. I wanted to laugh because when I'm nervous, I laugh. I don't mean to, I just do. She got my doctor to come in for a 'chat' too. It was such a fun 2 hours I ended up spending there. He did referrals and stuff from that letter Jess sent him a while back so I have to wait for them or whatever. I did get given the worst tasting medicine for my anaemia though. It's sugar free and disgusting! I'd rather have it loaded with sugar like my last one was haha.

I've got the spend until Tuesday morning studying for my Physics exam. It's easy enough really. Just boring. I have no interest in heat or electricity whatsoever. I think I'll spend the weekend switching between exercising and studying. No alcohol!

Is there anything else I wanted to write about? Oh. Richard has gone from Maths for now. :( The new Maths teacher isn't to my taste at all. 5 minutes into Maths on Wednesday and me and P* wanted Richard back. I can't be doing with Martin. He actually reminds me of Martin Clunes I think his name his. I do like the fact he lets us keep our earphones in though. It makes it easier to do algebra when you can't hear him. ;)

So I've now got to play catch up with blogs. Fun, fun.

Take care


  1. well done for eating in front of your friends etc, i know how hard that can be! and well done on your english mark as well :) xo.

  2. Ah, doctoral lectures. No fun...

  3. I want to get myself a laptop or even a computer but until then I'm gonna be a mobile blogger.

    Hope doctors appointment goes well, blood tests and all.

    And vegetable stir fry sounds delicious! :)

  4. Bro fist to you for bashing the fear back enough to nom in front of people!

    Doctors are scary. Fucking bloodthirsty vampires! They left my last blood test up to me to go and do, so I haven't done it yet. He doesn't seem to understand that I'll be HAPPY to have my liver cut out and kill me :x

    If they start sparking in the sunlight, I swear I'll scream.

    LOVE YOU! <3

  5. Yaay for new pc.. and yaay for new post :)

    Gl with all the school work.. And make sure to take the yucky meds properly..

    Take care of you


  6. I hope your physics test goes well :)
    I hate surprise blood tests but its good that your doctor cares - I've have some interesting run in with doctors that don't care - they just don't seem to care about human life - interesting that the're doctors huh xD anyways goodluck! and yay for the 13 out of 15!