Wednesday, 16 November 2011

All things ED

I have the worst sore throat and cough. You've got to love sitting next to sick people and catching what they have right? Though with any luck, I can get my voice to completely go and stay gone until next Friday. ;) I can't say I really want to do our speaking and listening English assessment next week. Talking in front of an entire class when you have bad anxiety isn't exactly the definition of fun. If only we didn't have to be sober to do it... ;)

I weighed myself this morning and can't say I like the number. So I'm starting a fast tomorrow.

I was googling swollen glands for someone in English class earlier today, and the first thing that came up was, "Swollen Glands and Your Bulimia." I laughed at the irony. Also in English, L* couldn't remember the lactose intolerant name when she was talking to her dad the other night, and she said she thought it was laxative intolerance. I also laughed at that. As did R*, Emma and P*. I laughed more when I thought it through. Just think, laxatives make you poop. Taking things you are intolerant to make you poop. Twice the poop. ;D It made us laugh anyway.

Everything today seemed to revolve around my ED in some way or my diet. Honest to God it is annoying to have to say over and over that I am a vegetarian when people keep offering me sweets. I realised that Starbursts are vegetarian today, but since I have never eaten them, I was reluctant to try them in English. L* also insisted my diet was more vegan than vegetarian. I would agree with her if I didn't eat Quorn products. I'd sort of like to try being fully vegan though. It'd probably be pretty easy.

I bought two size 6 dresses and a few other things the other day which proves that vanity sizing is pretty rife. I was having the conversation with the above people (L*, R*, P* and Emma) when we was talking about clothes. Now, I am (realistically) not fat, but I am not a UK size 6 at my current weight. Not even being 5'6 could make me a size 6. It's still a little loose on the waist, but I actually really like them. I must admit it gives you a bit of an ego boost when you take clothes with a size 6 hanger to the tills though. :P I might post pictures of them next week when I wear them.

I dyed my hair darker and got it cut. I'm so not impressed with how much hair got taken off. It is now exactly the same length (and colour scarily enough) as Emma's which isn't terrible because it looks lovely and healthy (my hair, not Emma), but by gosh I do miss the inches. I think I have a picture on webcam of how long it was before and I'll take a picture of it tomorrow. I've decided I am not going to colour my hair for quite some time and let it grow.

I am going to stop writing before I bore you all to death. :P And before I become more frustrated at accidentally locking the mouse pad thing when I touch it.

Take care


  1. Yup, we got snow in summer! Well, early summer :p There is a pic up to prove it now. It's so weird seeing all the trees in leaf and having snow on the hills!

    I can't wait to see your new haircut! I bet it looks lovely :D It's awesome how nice your hair feels after a trim, even if the length is gone :(

    I fucking hate vanity sizing. I hate inefficiency, and having to take 3 different sizes of the same thing to the changing room to avoid multiple trips is such a pain in the ass, especially if the store only let you take in 4 items at a time *rages*

    I hope you have a great day, gorgeous! <3

  2. man i hate when you have to repeat that "no thanks I'm a vegitarian I don't eat those sweets" -but why its not meat?- "oh but it is animal." gelitin

    annyywayyss :P I hope you feel better soon :)

  3. cant wait to see the pix ^^ you should ttly post one of the hair too :D

    Hope you feel better soon btw


  4. being vegan is really not at all difficult... give it a try! xx

  5. I hate the vanity sizing--makes it impossible to know what size you actually are! And it's giant pain in the arse because some of the shops here are so bad that EVERYTHING they carry is too big on me (I'm petite, so I have clothing-size issues anyway...).

    If you decide to go vegan, make sure you're taking care of yourself! nearly every vegan I know has really weird food allergies that only popped up after they became vegan. :/

    Good luck with your fast. <3