Monday, 10 October 2011

Whatever you want to call this

All I've done today is work out. Work out, work out, work out.

And complain. :P

Me and a ED friend are so good at complaining about the ED and people and the NHS... We are just good at complaining in general lol. Plus, complaining on a Monday is pretty much mandatory as many of you know. Or should know.

I'm glad I am not the only one who starts thinking "I need to lose as much weight in a tiny period." Well not glad obviously, but I feel slightly less weird about it now. It's so frustrating though to push yourself to lose X amount of pounds in X amount of days. 18 in 18 for example. At least Halloween will be fun when the actual day arrives.

Last night I realised I did some of my real English exam wrong. :/ Thank God I have an hour on Wednesday where I can re-write it and correct the errors. At least I seem to have a really good ability to write fast and it still be readable lol. I am so obsessive about my handwriting. I can't stand to have any errors on whatever I am writing. It just drives me insane! I guess that is why I sort of prefer typing things up. I'm so frustrated that I didn't realise until last night though! I am so glad Emma broke the 2 hours into two parts. Frustrated, but really glad. 

I have Science in the morning which I really can't be arsed with. Last Tuesday we ended up getting into the discussion of suicide since when he worked in a college in Huddersfield, he saw somebody who had jumped from a higher floor, go past his window. So that was such a positive subject to be discussing.

Whatever. I'm just over thinking now and annoying myself.

Take care


  1. Complaining is good. you can't beat a bit of moaning. ;] Don't worry about the English test. i am sure you can correct in no time and still have enough time to finish it.

    Halloween is such a huge pressure to drop the weight so i completely understand what you mean. i've got it stuck in my head that i need to lose 13lbs before Halloween and it's just... stupid i guess.

    Hope you're alright xxx

  2. Nothing quite like complaining with a good friend!
    Yeah, the craziness of a big goal-it's a great motivator though.
    I had an English exam today and it was interesting. I think I did okay, but wasn't as prepared as I like to be. Kind of wish I could go back and fix a few things. . .
    Good luck with Science and part 2 of the exam!

  3. its always nice to have a time to complain :-) well done on all the working out! you are amazing!
    good luck in science!

  4. :( chin up, cutie!

    You are doing a wonderful job. Stay strong.

  5. Work out and complain...

    Sounds like fun!

    I am obsessive about my handwriting too! but it sort of really really sucks now since I rarely ever write by hand.. But then again- not writing by hand means I dont need to annoy my self over it being ttly fugly hehehe


  6. Tsk it should say "x amount of weight in y amount of days" if x doesn't equal y ;) because otherwise you assume the amount of weight to lose is equal the amount of days as X=X, but Xdoesnt=Y ;) sorry I couldn't resist myself and been doing maths :p
    Sorry though that you set yourself crazy limits like that :( :( at least you know you're not the only one though that's not really a good thing that others feel that way.

    Aww that's good you realised your exam mistake in the end, and you can sort it out :)

    We always seem to talk about death in chenistry I swear - and suicide and things :/ hopefully science will be better today?

    Take care, xxxx

  7. Complaining is good and all but sometimes when all people do is complain and complain and they do it every time I see them, it begins to irritate me. I complain quite a bit but I try add in some positivity, just so people don't label me a moaner. lol I wrote moaner and thought everyone would read it as moaner in the sexual context. But you know what I mean, I don't want people to think all I do is complain and bitch.

    It's good that you can correct your errors on your exam :)

  8. wow, science just sounds depressing, soooo glad I got out while I still could!
    Goodluck on the second half of your science exam! and Goodluck with your Halloween goals! I'm with you all the way! <3 xox