Sunday, 16 October 2011

Well, the weekend flew by!

Do you ever just want to tell someone to fuck off? That their 'problems' aren't even problems at all? It's so frustrating how you are meant to give a crap about their shit, yet they don't give the slightest damn about your problems. But yeah. I'm apparently meant to give a damn because you drove whilst drunk and broke your jaw.

Yeah. Not happening. Dickhead.

It's nice to be able to prove my French is great. ;) Surprisingly, I don't swear in real life.

It's my weigh in day tomorrow. I've decided it will just be on Mondays. It's kind of nice not to step on the scale everyday even though it is tempting to just get on them after a shower in the morning. Speaking of showers, I was just about to jump in it when I realised I hadn't blogged lol. Random bit of information for you all. :P

Somebody said they wanted my BBM pin and I can't remember who it was. Anyway, it's 22E3F734. It can be a tit sometimes so don't worry if I sometimes ignore your messages and that lol.

I haven't done my English essay/anthology thingy! I completely forgot about it until I went through my folders and realised I had done everything else but that! I have until Wednesday though so I can do it after I go shopping tomorrow. Shopping and Starbucks are just what a girl needs on a study day. ♥ ♥ I need to buy some more boots. I was going to buy my Converse and Vans this week but I have decided to wait for a week or two. Or until I reach a certain weight. I like the sound of the latter option actually.

Hmm... Do I actually have anything else to talk about? Well I always have something to talk about, I'm just not sure it is interesting lol. In 12 days I will be drinking alcohol for the first time in months and being a normal 18 year old! Not that I am a normal 18 year old.. But I actually can't wait to go out with my friends. Let's just hope I do nothing stupid again haha.

I was thinking this morning about weight and things. (Nothing new I guess.) I realised how much college scares me when it comes to my weight which sounds super dumb written down. But obviously I don't want to gain weight and have them see me at an higher weight (only Emma has seen me at my HW which is bad enough to think about!), but I sort of don't want them to see me at a really low weight. No idea why. It sort of makes me cringe and feel embarrassed just thinking about the fact they will most likely see me at a lower weight. But on the other hand, I don't want them to see me at this weight. I have a messed up way of thinking right? The fact they could see me at an higher weight/will probably see me at a lower weight scares me though.

And I've just broken my laptop charger. Fantastic! *insert angry words* For the love of God!

Enjoy your Sunday
Take care


  1. I've wanted to tell a lot of people to fuck off about their insignificant problems!! People have no idea what REAL problems are these days i swear...retail therapy sounds excellent!! And helps :) Don't feel silly about not wanting people to see you at your lowest weight, it's a big step. Like kind of letting people into your own world, and seeing the results, but i'm sure when it comes down to it, you will feel amazing! xx

  2. I love bribeing myself to lose weight with clothes and shoes! Always a good motivator!

  3. People just annoy me with what they think is serious! We live in such a me, me, me society ya know? I like the idea of bribing yourself with shoes. I am a major shoe addict hehe.

    You actually broke your charger? Oh no! xxx

  4. You don't swear in real life?! You're such a trooper! I use the word fuck too many times daily xD

    Shoes <3 Gosh I adore them things. Have fun tomorrow chick xxx

  5. I get really scared about my weight, too. About seeing people I haven't seen for a long time, if I'm anything but smaller. About meeting strangers. About joining clubs. Getting a new job.
    I worry far too much; but you shouldn't. Don't let it eat you up inside; soldier on, 'coz I know how strong you are (:
    Love you, darling. Stay strong.

  6. you have great taste in sneakers. converses and vans. <3 my favorites.

    haha, thanks for blogging before getting in the shower. :) you made me laugh.

  7. I normally tell ppl to fuck off when I feel like its needed :P Im not really polite to dickheads hehe- but I guess I have never been good at filtering what I say anyhow..

    havng a stupid broken charger ttly sucks btw ...


    PS: I ttly get the weird thing when it comes to weight.. It's probably weird, but ya I guess the way our brain works is weird..

  8. All the time with peoples problems honestly! To be hones i don't think anyone has their life in full perspective, we think we're screwed up, and that our lives are bad but then there are people so much worse than us. I think we sometimes have to look at the good more than the bad :) but yeah i sometimes want to hit people when they complain about their lives. My friend was complaining she was too busy and totally stressed, but yet she only works one day a week lol, whilst i have been doing 60hrs a week to save money for uni and have been trying to apply to uni and have a slight social life haha. so yeah i know the feeling. people need to man up sometimes :P

    I know what you mean about the weightloss too, fun and games right?

    longest comment ever sorry. stay strong xx

  9. Some people are so stupid and their problems seem so insignificant,I don't want to listen. I only listen because it would be rude not to. But it is irritating especially when I talk and they blurt out a comment which shows me they were not listening.

  10. some firsthand experience for you love, I didn't gain a single pound when I started university! All my weight came later when I went off to work in a resort after my first year. Don't be worried about college, it's tons of fun, and if you're careful you won't gain anything!

  11. I have recently started telling certain people to feck off when they deserve it. It does wonders in the way of stress-relief. :D

    And yeah I totally agree with you about the drunk driving thing. Like DUH!!


  12. I'm always curious about what people can say - have I changed? for better or worse?
    I have some periods that I'm getting on scale every day and then avoiding it for weeks, stupid thing.

  13. Hun I added that pin you posted but it was someone in Nevada lol . I was freaked out!! xxx

  14. I just love reading you! :)
    This is the first time I comment here, but I've been reading you for a while. HELLO!