Saturday, 8 October 2011

Time just drags

Today is going so slowly. I am impossibly bored.
I might download some songs or do some more revision. Or both. Or neither? I don't know yet.

I feel so stuffed! I got dinner with my friends earlier on. I got a veggie burger and fries whilst they got meat versions, and it was disgusting! That isn't even the ED part of me talking, it was genuinely horrible. The best part was probably the bread haha. xD

I don't have much to say. :/ It's not really been an interesting day.

I want to fast.
I want to work out too but my friend is here watching The X Factor that I am shamelessly recording. :P
I'm ignoring it and listening to Evanescence though lol.

I hope everyone is having a much more interesting evening than I am.

Take care


  1. I love Evanescence! and I really want to fast too after today -___- hope you're ok and that your evening gets more interesting not that there's much evening of today left! Take care xox

  2. Aww sorry you're having an uneventuful night but it's good to just chill and relax once in a while you know?

    There's nothing worse than a meal that genuinely tastes bad :p it's good you had it anyways :)

    Take care, hope tomorrow is more interesting, xxxx

  3. Nope! i've had a very boring day today too! Good on you for listening to Evanescnce though :D xx

  4. Today was totally like that for me too. I swear some days have like 30 hours in them!

  5. Demi Lovato's new album is out in sixteen days, you should download that!

    Sorry you're bored. X factor is kindof pish but it's addictive too, like facebook.

    I'm glad you're ignoring it,evenescence is good.

    Hope you had a better next day?

  6. I <3 Evanescence.. been a while since I listened to it.. I should ttly do it again ^^