Thursday, 6 October 2011

Rain and tests

Both test went well today. Maths was simple and English was easy. I got 2 pages done in 1hr which isn't bad and we complete it on Wednesday. Hopefully I do better in it since it's the real one and it would slightly suck to have done better in the mock one lol.

Me and two other girls in my class went down to the canteen before English since we got out of Maths 25 minutes early and heading back up to the fourth floor, we got in the same lift as Emma. Well she got in the same lift as us lol. It's always awkward in elevators because it is so silent and when things get awkward, I always want to laugh! I was trying so hard not to burst into a random fit of laughter and so was R.

Question: Have you ever felt that somebody who knows about your ED, gives you a mental pat on the back when they see you eating? I felt that is what Emma did on the way to class and it totally put me off wanting to eat. I ended up putting what I was eating in the bin.

Invisible_Ninja: The weather was (or rather is) terrible! I had just got on the bus this morning and it completely poured it down! I must of got caught in it like, 3 times though. So annoying. I didn't even take a coat haha.

LilyZara: Don't worry. English isn't my only favourite lesson. I like the fact I can actually show off in Maths so they are a tie. ;) I still love Maths.

Science is cancelled tomorrow which is a pain in the arse! In the last 4 weeks, we have only done 3 lessons out of 8. He's switched from Human Biology to Physics too which makes no sense at all. I wish I could fire him. That would completely make my day.

Going back to Maths, he's having a baby! Well his wife is but that isn't the point! He doesn't even look old enough to be married never mind have a child. It's so weird. He's leaving in a couple of weeks for a little while when his wife has the baby, which means we'll get a new tutor for a few weeks.

Blogger has stolen the list of blogs I follow again.

This is probably tmi, but I have become an expert at holding in explosive poop curtsy of laxatives. xD It actually makes me slightly smile to myself writing that down because it looks so funny haha!

Tonight's plan.

  • I have Maths homework to do. I've got until Wednesday to do it though.
  • I'm going to revise Science stuff. I took out books on Physics from the library.
  • I need to get together the books to take back to the library to take back out tomorrow.
  • Cycle because I am not going out in that rain.
  • Wash the hair because thanks to the rain, it smells rank lol.
Take care


  1. yeah i get that feeling with people knowing and watching me eat.... especially with my mother in law... she always asks if i am eating well and offers me so much food and then is like really happy when i eat. weird. anyways... good luck on your exams! and revising!!

  2. hahahah i know how u feel about the laxatives. I used to feel the same way about them lol.

    Good luck with tonight's plan!

  3. yeah it's Canadian thanksgiving weekend! and I definitely hate when the people who think I am "too thin" sit and wait for me to eat and smile, makes me not want to eat even more :/

  4. i've definitely felt that. Whenever I hung out with A, and ate something he'd always give this approving nod! Or when i finished what was on my plate he'd be all approving and sht..
    I'm glad your tests went well! I've got mine coming up in a couple of weeks and really really hope I do well in them!
    good luck with the homework! :) <3

  5. I hate that look when you feel they are cheering you on to eat. It's the most uncomfortable thing ever. Elevators are so awkward I agreeeeee! Gosh. If you laugh though it makes it seem like you have farted or something and got away with it. XD
    I hope the tests went well and you get good grades. :) xxx

  6. yeahh, i know what you mean about the mental-pat-on-the-back thing, it completely puts me of eating. i'm glad the tests went ok! :) xo.

  7. I totally understand what you mean by the feeling that someone gives you a mental pat on the back when they see you eat. I don't really have that feeling as much as I feel like I'm being frowned upon when I pass up food, which feels shitty but oh well.

    Math and science, girl I bow down to you. I'm 100% an artsy type, I love english and art and drama and such! haha

    Finally, your TMI comment made me smile. Thanks for that!

    Have a good night! xo

  8. Heh, yes! I have felt that mental pat on the back. Something tells me it's all in our heads. I'm sure Emma, or the next person, is probably to self-involved, wondering what people are thinking about her just the way we wonder what people are thinking about ourselves. :o)

  9. lol :P you are wack girlie ^^ loughing at the explosive poop .. lol

    Thanks for making me lough :)


  10. You make me giggle. (:
    You sound happy, despite the hiccup with the food- I know how it feels to think people are watching you; taking in your every bite, sizing you up, judging- either in a good way or a bad.
    I'm far too self-conscious and it ruins me.
    But you're strong; I know you are.
    Love you, dear.

  11. I gather you have an indoor excercise bike ? I'm saving up for one, any good ? Also, good luck on your test results, mocks are usually harder so you probably did even better on the real thing =)oh and yes to the question, if someone who knows I have an ed sees me eat they give me a sickly sweet look that makes want to throw up =/ it sucks lol.



  12. Hello, just saw you were following mine and wanted to add you right back. Well done on your mocks and fingers crossed for good results for you when you get your marks back. I lol'ed about the poop thing. I think we all know that feeling. I was using laxxies more last year and I would take them before bed, and about 5 hours later would wake up with terrible cramps and have to go and sleep on the bathroom floor, so I would make it. Defs not fun, especially if you need the sleep! I'm trying to avoid them and eat more fibre, as I'm in a flat share and can't risk pooping everywhere at 5am...don't think that would go down so well.
    Have a great weekend xxx