Monday, 3 October 2011

Motivated for October

I'm actually confident this month is going to go well. It's going to be a month of me ignoring the fact people know about the ED and just getting on with it because I do still give up with working on it for now.

It's Halloween at the end of the month and I've decided I am going to do something with my friends, get drunk and ignore the fact I will have college the day after. :P It's about time I was more social haha.

Onto the weekend. It wasn't too bad actually (well after Saturday it was alright) and with PT been down for most of it, I actually got all my homework done. Actually, I studied things I didn't need to simply because I was bored! You don't realise how much time you spend on the internet until the site goes down or something. Plus it makes you realise how much you actually depend on it and that isn't good. You shouldn't have to rely on a site for anything.

Today is my study day and I have done everything but study. :P Thanks to the cooler weather (Thank God!), I've actually been more inclined to exercise more. Yeah, I have the habit of exercising way too much, but it improves my mood so much.

Take care


  1. Thanks for the comment, I'm glad I'm not alone in the "feeling manic and crazy" episodes sometimes haha.
    You are so motivated for this month, i love it! And you should def go out on halloween :) Personally it's kind of what's motivating me right now ;)

    oh, and cheers to this weather. it's perfect.

  2. i hope it cools down here tomorrow, it was just as hot as it has been :| and i know what you mean about the internet! my laptop died the other day and it made realise how much time i spend on it! xo.

  3. Halloween is motivating me. The idea of dressing up completely scares me shitless right now!

    At least you got some work done. I know I tend to waste too much time online and then leave everything until the last minute.
    xx <3 xx

  4. Never worry out what people say, you are the one who has to live with yourself.

    Keep staying strong babe. Always here for you.

    p.s. you are following my coverup blog, heres my normal one:

  5. You know I think about how great working out makes my mood. How great it makes me feel the next day when I get on the scale. But so rarely do I actually work out.

  6. Exercising gives you endorphins and that makes ppl happy, i love working out more too now that it's not so hot.glad you got some studying done, stay strong!

  7. I think October is doing wonders for a lot of us because we're all looking forward to Halloween! And I totally agree with you about the weather. I'm soooo happy that it's getting cooler, it makes the motivation to go out and run so much easier because you know you're not going to drop of heatstroke!
    Have a gooood day!

  8. Haha I can't wait for Halloween! I want to dress up really bad, but I don't think I'll be able to. However, there will definitely be partying. =)

    The cooler weather feels amazing. Now if I could just get a little bit of that motivation to exercise from you.. lol =)

  9. That's good you reckon it's gonna be a good month :) and yeah, don't worry about people knowing about your ED as "the people who matter don't mind and the people who mind don't matter" :p

    Ahhh everyone will be hungover on that Tuesday after Halloween lol ;) definitely go out and have a lovely time :)

    It's good to relax so who cares if you didn't study? And I'm glad uouve found something that cheers you up though sorry it's exercise >< take care, xxxxxxx

  10. I think it's a good idea to go out and party with some friends. De-stress. Have fun!!

  11. i want to be social!!!!!!!!!! but... i hate people, they scare me and make em uncomfortable lol
    also, there is NOTHING wrong with loving exercise. i miss it, but ive been all blah lately and unmotivated and yeah
    dont let the motivation get awayyyy lock it up in a safe or somethin :D

  12. I tried to comment on this post a million times from my blackberry and everytime I clicked on "post comment", nothing happened which was soooo irritating.

    anyways I also have a good feeling about Oct, we're going to do so well.

    Whenever one of my favourite sites goes down, I feel like a part of me is missing. it feels so weird.

    South Africa isn't big on halloween but hopefully this year there is some celebration.

    *please note that every year I hope there is some halloween celebration and every year I am disappointed*