Saturday, 22 October 2011

I hate not posting daily

Not having a computer really sucks. I mean, I have a computer and that, just the charger is broken. Using other peoples computers kind of scares me because I go into super secretive mode and get all paranoid that something will find out about the blog or something. I can't wait to have the charger I need delivered on Wednesday or Thursday. Bloody expensive for a computer I will only be using until I get a new one in a few weeks. :/

Anyway, I've stolen, of sorts, my friends PC whilst I am at his house. Since he is at work, I figured I would blog and say I am still actually alive. :P

Oh, funny story. Remember me blogging about the cute sub science tutor? We was talking about him in tutorial with my tutor/name twin Christine (my birth name is that though I got it changed a few years ago to Kristina. Long ass story. I've never admitted what my birth name was actually! Something new for you all lol. Still need to get extra copies of my deed poll thing so that I can change my name on things...) Anyway! She asked how we found Nigel and we said he was the best tutor we've had so far and I said he happens to be the cutest one too...

Turns out he is her boyfriend and has been for 10 years!! Yeah, I felt so embarrassed for the next 2 hours haha. She's going to tell him too! To 'boost his ego' lol. How evil is that? Haha. Gosh, I couldn't look at her fully without feeling embarrassed, so it is a really good thing I am not back at college until the 1st of November. So as well as being name twins, we have a similar-ish taste in what guys are good looking. Weird lol.

God I am so bored without being able to waste my life online. I've actually done tons of revision I don't even need to do simply because there is nothing else to do. I wonder how the hell we survived without the Internet! What did humans do without computers? Can't remember? Nor can I.

I miss reading all your blogs. They used to keep me busy and they interested me since I have a boring life lol. I guess I can use my free time and week off college to work out, lose 7lbs and study before Halloween. I have the doctors on the 3rd too so I need to lose weight before then because my crazy brain tells me I need to.

Oh the pin thin. I typed D instead of F haha. My pin is 22e3f734. I should pay more attention lol.

I hope you are ll well and hopefully I will get a chance to read and comment on your lovely blogs at some point this weekend.

Sidenote: I have 100% attendance! This has never happened before. Especially not in high school! I feel so proud of me, especially since I am the only one with 100% attendance and 100% in being on time for all my lessons. I am doing higher maths too (which is just as easy may I add!) and staying in the same class with Richard. They are really good at understanding that it would be no easy feat to suddenly change classes and that with my anxiety etc. They've done the same with Alistair too which is nice.

Take care


  1. I miss your blog posts! Your charger needs to hurry up and be delivered because your daily ramblings. Congratulations on being able to go higher maths and not changing groups. I can't imagine that would be easy for anyone to change classes once the first term is already over.

    Oh no! He was her boyfriend??! I'd have been mortified after confessing that lmao. xD How did she take it?

    Go you having 100% attendance. Jealous! Take care sweet cheeks. xxxxx

  2. hahaha What did we do before the internet? I don't know either. Spend all day milling our own flour and sewing our own clothes? Those were dark days indeed =)

  3. I'm only wasting time in front of the screen, doing something useful only if needed but I can't imagine living without "online life" too. Blogging, facebook etc. help even in real world.

  4. Aww sorry your charger broke, that sucks :( whenever i use my brother's computer i always clear history lol :p i get that paranoia though of using others' computers :( that's good you managed to get some blogging time though :)

    Hahahahaaaa oh gosh, that's so funny but so awkward that you said that to your tutor not realising that it was her boyfriend :')

    That's good you've managed to get some revision done :) made things a little easier for yourself :)

    well done for your 100% attendance :D

    i hope your laptop charger gets there soon :) try and stay safe :) xxxx

  5. That's a funny story about the cute tutor/girlfriend. haha

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    and follow my new blog


  6. Awesome post :3 and haha about the science sub's girlfriend! Hope you have a good day!

  7. Hey there! I hope you post more often once the charger is back :) Would love to read more of you :)

    And oh! since you dont like odd number of followers, let me make that even :D

    PS : congratulations on 100% attendance :P Keep up the great work :)

    P.P.S : Can you please remove the word verification? Pain to comment with that :(

  8. Hahahha... her bf of 10 years? :P Lucky her! hehehe I do think it is ttly mean/funny that she is going to tell him ^^

    Take care of you!

    PS: I dont think I would be able to live with a PC for that long.. Poor you... *pats*

  9. I know! the internet is! I hate not blogging daily...means you have to read a ton of updates! Hope you had a lovely weekend! xx

  10. Hurry your charger delivery. We miss your daily ramblings. :) my comments are finally being shown :)funny story the tutor/girlfriends thing :D i get so paranoid sometimes i clean the history a hundred times with all different programs and stuff just so it wouldn't show. well done on your 100& attendance! i think mine was never 100% :/

    good luck, stay safe :**