Friday, 28 October 2011

Holy shit!


I can actually blog! Amazing right? Long story about the charger. Dell delievered it Wednesday, wasn't the right one, had to order the correct one and have to do the annoying wait all over again. Joyous fun it is lol.

At least I have a computer for now though. Sort of. I've stolen my old laptop back from my cousin until next week when I get back from Scotland. Have I mentioned I've gone to Scotland until Monday? I probably didn't and wrote it in my journal instead lol. Yes, I actually got that bored of not being able to write down my thoughts that I started a journal. I've got to say, I much prefer blogging because I don't really run the risk of anyone finding it and thinking I'm a wee bit crackers.

I feel a bit bad about not going on PT and being a decent mod lately. I miss not posting much on there and actually getting involved with the community which I need to start doing again once I have my own computer back. It's not the same using my phone to go on there because it takes forever!

Anyway, back to the Scotland thing. We came up... Wednesday? It's lovely to be out of Leeds. I've got to say, I would prefer to be spending my holidays focusing on losing weight and things, but this is nice too I guess. We come back down on Monday for Halloween which is actually going to be great. I suspect my Halloween will be very alcohol related which I am all for. When you don't go out for 4 months, you suddenly realise how boring things can be without a decent night out. So I am looking forward to that.

I can't remember how I used to type on this laptop. I'm not a huge fan of the keys. :/

I'm not feeling all the food we've been eating though. Sure, it's still pretty low to a regular person, but it's too high for me. It's the only part I hate about staying with people. Actually it is just the food I hate. If only it could be taken out of every equation. ;)

This week has flown by. I'm not sure whether that is good or bad yet, but we did say our week off would go super fast and then term 2 would drag. I do like the structured days though so it isn't all bad.

Tutorial on Wednesday will be interesting though haha. Interesting for the fact it's Christine and that in itself will be interesting for a few reasons lol, and interesting for the fact I have a party Tuesday night after a football game. It's a bloody prom theme which is pretty interesting. Look at that! Getting drunk two nights in a row. I seem to be reverting back to my typical student ways. :P

Take care


  1. Sounds like fun! It's good to have a relaxing break :) And now you can blog again! yay! xx

  2. yay for working computer parts :) I really badly want to visit Scotland, so I'm very jealous you're there! Have fun and enjoy halloween!xx

  3. yay for having a computer :)
    Scotland? I am kind of jealous right now because I love Scotland. next time take me with you!!

    Halloween for you sounds fun. Two parties with college the following days... Brave. ;D

  4. Welcome back! Glad you're having fun up in Scotland :) Just a quick question - I've seen a few people on blogger mentioning "pt"... call me behind the times, but what does this mean??

  5. It's great to hear youre doing well! I'm pretty sure most of us will be spending our halloween sneaking around, drowning is booze. its just what you do. haha (: ive ALWAYS wanted to go to scotland! Ah, its beautiful! I hate staying over at friend's houses because they always have pizza or some other horribly fattening item on the dinner menu. i can hardly keep up this life at home, let alone at someone elses!

  6. have fun girlie! you deserve it!!

  7. Agh, that's annoying news about the charger! :( that's good you have a sort-of-computer for the time being :) i always find when i don't have internet (or can't go on blogger for any reason) i tend to write things in my stream (a word doc. of just me ranting) so i'm not surprised you wrote things in your journal :)

    How come you've gone to Scotland? that's pretty cool :) i forget that you're fairly near scotland but for us Bristolians it's houuuurs away

    It's not your fault you can't go on PT lately, besides, you're on holiday for now and everyone needs to relax and think of things besides the ED. i can't imagine mod-ding PT exactly helps

    this is sad, but what calculator did you get?! :) i'm genuinely excited for you, and i hope you and your calculator have a splendid life together :)

    Ahh i hope you have a lovely halloween and don't get too drunk . . . it's always nice to remember *some* of your evening ;) (plus, you don't want to be hungover for Tuesday's party . . . :p)

    Try and enjoy yourself despite the food situation because you deserve to relax and have fun! :)

    take care, xxx

  8. How exciting! Have fun on your trip!!


  9. yay for charger!!!
    have fun at bloody prom ;)

  10. I could never do without a computer.

    It's the negative side effect of being homeschooled and having no life.

  11. I could never do without a computer.

    It's the negative side effect of being homeschooled and having no life.

  12. ooh Scotland! Have loads of fun hon


  13. Girllll! So jealous you're in Scotland! That's where one side of my famjam is from, so I hope you have a wicked time there!

    I love that you're keeping a journal, I totally do too, and it's under insane lock and key because, like you i don't need to be found insane ;)
    have a great week away! xo

  14. yay for coming back - I haven't blogged in over a week & it feels like ages.

    I have had such bad experiences with keyboards - either the letters don't work or I have to press really hard for it to type anything. And worst thing is I had these problems whilst doing my dissertation.

    I hate going on blogger through my phone because it takes so long and then sometimes commenting does not work.