Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Happiness is actually great

I got 13 out of 15 on my mock English test. It would have been 14 out of 15 but I forgot a set of speech marks lol. But that mark is still equivalent to A-A* which is amazing since English was never a favourite lesson of mine. I now actually love it and like the fact we are starting Shakespeare next week. Plus I got the highest mark in the entire class. Everyone else got below a 10 so I'm actually really, really happy. :D We do our real assignment tomorrow which hopefully I can get an higher grade on. I just need to keep my grades consistent at 13-15 in each assignment (we have 5 or 6 before our main exam next year) and I'll actually get A or A* granted the main exam goes well too.

I'm going to see if Richard will let me self tutor myself on certain things in Maths so that I can do higher tier Maths without having to switch classes. If I switch classes it means I am not with my friends and I'd have to switch ICT and things to do with another set which I am not doing. If he says no I'll just do higher Maths next year, but he's letting another kid do it and Alistair is dyslexic and not fantastic at Maths so I hope he'll let me do it. I'll ask him after our test in Maths tomorrow. It's only stuff like surds, trigonometry and a few other things I'd have to do since he doesn't teach the entire class that. Easy peasy stuff lol.

So yeah. College is going really well. I love English lol. Just throwing it out there. :P

I do have non related college things to write about haha. The ED and treatment from places is just impossible so I'd rather not talk about that. It's too frustrating. Um, I bought more laxatives today and at this rate I think they qualify as a food group haha. ;) It's not good but what can you do about it? Rhetorical question by the way.

I don't know what to write. I'm just actually pretty happy which I have stated too many times already. I think I am going to go for a quick run in a little while, come back and study for tomorrow, comment on blogs and enjoy my evening. I was going to go to the gym but I won't have enough time to do that and study as well. I could always do some cycling. I still haven't gotten around to taking photos of my hair but I will do before the week is out.

Have a good evening. :)
Take care.


  1. Readingg this makes me smile so much! Congrats on your result! :D I am sure you will be able to match/improve on that in tomorrows paper.

    I'm glad you are happy. Keep smiling and enjoy your run and study night.
    Bless. <3 xx

  2. Sounds great that you're enjoying it all - what Shakespeare will you be studying? There's so much variety in English it stays interesting.

    It looks like other things will eventually fall in to place for you too. Just takes the enemy no 1. time to get round to it.

    Take care, xx

  3. That's great English is going well, though I'm not gonna pretend like it didn't hurt when you said you actually like English ;)

    Yeah! It's worth a shot to ask and hopefully they'll let you do higher tier maths Dh and I'm glad it's agreed that surfs and trigonometry is easy shit ;)

    I'm glad you're happy! That's good and it doesn't matte how many times you say it :) xxxxxxxx

  4. well done in your english test! :) xo.

  5. Sounds like your in a really happy place right now, Yay !!! =) I'm so happy for you, it's great how being good at something and really enjoying it can change your whole outlook on life. Urgh, don't even mention laxatives right now, lol.

    Stay Happy!



  6. I'm glad you are having such a great day! keep it up :)

  7. Its fun to see that you are happy :)

    Enjoy your run :)


  8. Glad to see you're happy, how you finding the Leeds weather today! I got drenched lol! xxx

  9. I'm happy for you that you are so happy. I have such a bad mood last weeks and I don't know what to do about it. So at least somebody is happy!