Sunday, 9 October 2011


I've been getting Halloween plans in order tonight because I have quite a few. I'm out on the 28th, 31st and 1st, then my friend is having a birthday party on the 30th. It's so many parties. :/

I've decided I shall be a skeleton just for the irony. ;) Though I feel I need to lose at least 10lbs before I can consider wearing it. Halloween costumes and meet ups in general always trigger me into 'lose as much weight as possible' mode which probably isn't good...

Actually I am in the same kind of 'mode' when it comes to college. I only have another 2 weeks left before we get a week off and all I can focus on is
"How much weight can I lose before the 1st of November?"
It's so stupid. I hate the ED mindset at times. It almost becomes a competition of finding out how much weight you can lose in the smallest amount of time. "/ Sigh.

Anyway, it has been a pretty good day. I ended up not eating, though I didn't even notice. My friend pointed it out which is slightly annoying because they don't notice when I fast for 14+ days but notice when I don't eat for 1 day. He hadn't eaten either which made it annoying but ya know. I still like him haha.

I think my doctor and the PMHT are meant to be writing to me. I think. I so was not listening when that woman called me. I really hate talking on the phone unless it is to certain people because of my anxiety, so I tend to just give short answers and then realise I didn't even listen to what they said fully. I don't fully see the point in my doctor writing to me though and sending it in the post. I live pretty much next door to the surgery so it would take less time to just post it through my letterbox haha.

I hope you have all had a lovely weekend and I now have a billion blogs to read and twice as many comments to reply to. ;)

Oooh! Did I mention I have decided I will only weigh myself on Tuesday and Fridays? I don't think I did actually. I mentioned it somewhere on the internet though. So yeah. That is my new challenge.

Take care


  1. I'm generally not much of a speaking on the phone person, unless I know you well enough. And most people are so awkward on the phone anyways which makes me feel weird.

    And yeah we all wanna lose it in the smallest amount of time, meanwhile if we just cut a few things we'd lose it eventually.

    I'm also going to only weigh in on Tuesdays and Fridays *high 5*

  2. thats what i want to lose for halloween too, there is always a date in my head too, the next event or holiday coming up. going abroad is the worst. you might find it better weighing yourself only then because you wont see all the fluctuations that you get with just one day. stay strong :) p.s i love your blog xx

  3. I get like that too :/ "lets lose as much weight in tiny amounts of time!" it always ends in me getting upset. I hope you take care with it :(

    I love that you're going as a skeleton! Amuses me :D Sounds lots of fun too :)

    I agree about it being weird with people noticing eating habits. Do you feel slightly uncomfortable with it too? I know the more someone tells me to eat, the less I'm going to. Such a child, ahaha.

    I really hope your doctor can sort something out :( I think it would be really good if you could talk to someone and stuff. It's nice just to be able to rant!!!

    Take care xxxxxxx

  4. Halloween is such pressure to look good i know! It's all good fun though :) And you'll look great for it i'm sure xx

  5. I get like that as well. I HAVE to lose certain amounts of weights before I let myself do something. sucks.

    I'm sure you'll look amazing as a skeleton though. ;] you should definitely post pictures because the idea amuses me. :P