Friday, 23 September 2011

The twenty-third

Ahh I have so many blogs to catch up with! I miss having the time to read them all daily.

I made my appointment today for the mental health team people place.
It's on Monday.


It's so scary! If I hadn't accepted that one though, there was no appointments until the end of October. It's so annoying that the first appointment isn't at my own doctors surgery though. It took me and a friend forever to find it today so I knew where it was on Monday. I told some crap about my reason for needing to go there. I think she is called Jess though. I'm not keen on talking to women. They tend to be such patronizing people lol. I just insulted women and I am one. :| Smart!
I hope she's nice because I am terrified. And annoyed because now I don't even get to spend my day off of college doing something nice.

Ugh. Too much on my mind. Stressful. I need an empty button for it or something. There should be a way to just stop thinking about things. Then again, there should be a lot of things. Bleh.

I have so much work to do. My life right now seems to revolve around college, the ED, talking about the ED, studying, barely sleeping... Endless cycle which is why I am spending my Friday night revising Maths/English/Science whilst watching back to back Two and Half Men instead of out with my lovely friends.

I've got that thing in my mind about weight again. Every time I have an appointment about the eating disorder I get it. It's sort of like a see 'how much you can lose' game thing and it is bloody annoying.

I should get on with my work and ignore everything. A 600 page maths book, a 420 page science book and 3 different English books do not read/study themselves. I don't even need to do some of the work but I'd rather be ahead in my classes than behind.  However, I get to catch up on all your lovely blogs too which is good. :)

I finally took my measurements too. There is quite a big difference (I mean between 2 and 8 inches difference) in everything, yet I don't see it. "/

Take care


  1. It sucks that you can't see it-- I bet the rest of the world can, though. Thanks for your lovely comment, I've been sick so I'm woefully behind on everyone's blogs too.

  2. I'm the same way about other women. I think it means we would have been the pack leaders if humans still lived like wild animals. :D

    Have a good weekend, and I hope the appointment Monday goes ok! <3

  3. Sometimes I get scared to go somewhere too, or to do something, and then once I go there and get's through it, I look back, and I'm all "that's it?". I hope you'll feel the same way about this.

    And you're life sure does sound a bit stressing. But I gues that's just the way it is with ED's, right? :/

    Stay strong girl!
    It's all gonna work out, you'll see.

  4. I'm too scared to take measurements. My weight is bad enough! Hopefully some of it is muscle mass, which the tape measure would tell me, but still. Augh!

    Fuck, study. You're being way better than me. Exams are coming up!

    Lol, maybe we should do 10 squats for every excuse we make? That would be a definite way to get more exercise AND notice just how many excuses we make :x

    Love you <3

  5. i hope it goes ok on monday, don't panic too much about it! you never know, the women (jess?) might be really lovely :) have a good weekend, xo.

  6. That's awesome you mental health team appt is booked! :) at least you know where it is though now :) it sucks you haveto spend your day off there but it's good you have the opportunity to and things :) and there's NOTHING wrong with doing maths on a Friday night ;) (however, doing English on a Friday night has nothing right about it). Oh gosh, those are really long books :o are they AS and A2's?

    Ps I'm thrilled that maths is your new favourite subject ;) next step: convincing you to do it at uni ;)

    How come you had to move 4-5 times in like 4 months? :o

    Take care, xxx

  7. I'm having that problem too.. It's starting to get to me. I just found out I lost almost 5lbs this week but I don't know where I lost it from. The scale says I'm getting smaller, but where am I getting smaller? I feel like I've lost a lot, but I can't be happy about it because my body doesn't look like it. =/

    Alwell.. I'm sure we will be Seeing results soon. =) And I can't wait until that day. ^_^

  8. It's awesome that you have a huge difference in your measurements. So jealous to be honest. Hopefully you notice the difference really soon. I always notice it when I try on clothes and I get so excited.