Wednesday, 21 September 2011

The twenty-first

Same shit, different day. In most meanings of the sense really.

I saw my doctor this morning when I was setting off to college and ended up saying hi/having a how are you conversation. Anyone would think we were friends lol.

I was talking to Emma today about English and I'm going to be put in Higher Tier which is a yay. Same with Science, Maths and ICT because I am simply amazing at them all. ;) He's married! My Maths tutor, the guy who looks so much younger than he is, is married! I nearly fell off my chair because he looks like he's only just come out of university haha.

He's still cute though.

I talked to Christine about a few things. 3 of us ended up getting a box of chocolates for some thing we did last week and I was like, "I'm lactose intolerant" which was cool though I got the reply "What do you eat then? I mean, what food do you like?"

She got no reply.

It still shocks me how many people act shocked to know you can't eat chocolate. I've never been a chocolate fan in the slightest so I don't get how people can love it. I wonder if people actually believe you when you say you are lactose intolerant or dislike chocolate after telling them you have an eating disorder...

Anyway. We ended up talking about how I need to leave early next Thursday with Emma and then we went to her office where she randomly asked about the ED. Well she called it the 'issue we were talking about the other day' which sounds a bit better doesn't it? The conversation went a little like;

Her: "How'd the 'issue' we talked about?"
Me: "Meh. It's okay I guess." [The sad thing is, I actually said meh lol]
Her: "Better or worse?"
Me: " ... "
Her: "Worse then."
Me: "I guess."
Her: "Is it effecting your performance here? You can get more support."
Me: "No. I am doing alright actually."
Her: "You sure?"
Me: " Pretty sure yeah. I actually do not dislike a lesson which is a first!"
Her: "Would you even admit if things were going bad, both here and at home?"
[Random teacher popped her head around the door and left.]
Me: "Actually, I would. I have. I do. I mean... Haha, yeah."

It was much longer and we ended up on the subject of my cold and sore throat. Both of which are slowly killing me! My eyes are watering every two seconds because I need to sneeze but can't. It's like having hay fever in Autumn! Though I can't say I have ever had hay fever. I keep getting asked if I am okay though because tears roll down my cheeks all the time.

I'll do comments in the morning because I want to get this Maths homework out of the way  even though it isn't due until next Wednesday and have an early night. I'm so exhausted which isn't aided by my body absolutely loving me right now lol. some of you have had some strange comments though. I've had hands/feet ones before and they are just strange!

Take care


  1. I think I've actually said "meh" to a therapist too. I don't really get the chocolate thing either; it doesn't taste good, not really. But sometimes I get insane chocolate cravings.

    (I think people believe you; I don't know, everyone I know has an ED and / or weird dietary requirements and preferences, so it's "normal" that someone would love white bread and hate, say, carrots, or only eat carrots on Tuesdays, or what have you.)

  2. I have friends with food allergies over all end of the spectrum, so nothing seems really weird to me any more. Tommo was so caffeine sensitive that anything other than white chocolate would have him awake all night! o.O Go figure!



    (Says the girl who hasn't taken her meds yet, and is thus wide-a-fucking-wake -.-;

    Love you <3

  3. Aww sorry you had a shit today :(

    that's good you have a good relationship with your doctor though, and that he's happy to talk to you normally in the street and things :)

    that's great you've been put in higher tiers! though gutted that the maths teachers married ;)

    i'm not really a chocolate fan either - it makes my throat dry so i end up drinking lots of water lol. are you actually lactose intolerant? idk, i convinced my friends for a good 3 years i didn't like chocolate and they believed me despite my ed (their faces when i suddenly ate chocolate again was hilarious ;) )

    that's nice Emma checked up on your about that "issue you talked about" :)

    aww everyone has colds right now :( i hope you feel better soon, xxxx

  4. You must be one smart cookie! :D

    Hope the cold/hay fever goes away quickly. Nearly everyone I know got a cold the second the temperature dropped.


  5. i totally see where youre coming from! I personally hate the taste of chocolate. I usually use that as my "interesting fact about yourself" in classes and such. Everyones jaws drop..its a good conversation starter though! I dont see what the big deal is. chocolate sure isnt a big deal haha

  6. Wow, that sounds so horrible. Needing to sneeze, but not being able to, I mean, haha :)

    What a nice teacher you've got. At my school, no teachers cares about their students. As long as they won't disturb their classes, they're cool. It's kinda sad how that is :/

  7. Sounds pretty much like my reality. Recently it was all about school and having cold. Now I'm taking vitamins and taking rest.

  8. chocolate is my downfall alas, or one of many I should say. I really envy my friend who doesn't like chocolate, and my sister who doesn't like ice cream. Life would be much easier if i hated both :)