Sunday, 25 September 2011

The twenty-fifth

I've been sat here for around 20 minutes thinking about what it was I turned the computer back on for. Then I realised it was to use blogger. xD

Most of my afternoon has been spent downloading songs to update the phone and iPod because it is desperately needed. 200+ extra songs and I have just remembered a whole load more I want. This happens every time I get motivated to do this. I put it off for so long that I forget half of them.

It's my appointment tomorrow which means I should technically go to bed soon because I have to be up super early. Technically. I'm not tired though. Just a little nervous about the morning but I'm distracting myself so that I don't over think it all. It probably won't work but I can try right? :) I don't think it will be too bad in the slightest. I just think about things too much sometimes. It reminds me of job and college interviews. You are nervous until you get there and then you relax a little.

I might go to the library tomorrow and study/read. It'll be something different to studying at home because it gets boring after a while and I end up flicking through channels or on the net. All I seem to blog about is studying! I need to grab a life. ;)

She better be nice tomorrow... I hope she's nice. Or at least decent.

Take care


  1. Good luck with tomorrow. I am sure it will go fine.
    I should go on a downloading spree at some point too. It's been too long.

  2. Thanks for reminding me, I need new music. There's a ton of stuff I've been meaning to get; I just can't keep up with that one.

    Good luck with the appointment tomorrow :) I hope she's at least decent, too.

  3. I hope it goes well and she is nice too. Nice people are better to talk to.
    Look after yourself. You're studying much more than me hehe. I should do more.. Maybe. =P <3

  4. i really hope the appointment tomorrow goes well! <3

  5. Oh goodness, good luck with your appointment tomorrow!

    I haven't downloaded music in Forever! I'm always at work, studying, or on here. lol =p

  6. Good luck with your appointment. I'm kind of the opposite with the nervousness. I've not nervous about things until a few hours before then my anxiety just builds until it's over.

  7. hehe- music updates.. I should do that.. I sort of don't bother as much after I got me Spotify.. It is pretty easy to just have everything gathered there..

    Hope you slept well :) (if you ever got to bed ^^)

  8. That same thing happens to me! I only download songs a couple of times a year, but when I do, I always download for hours. Then, when I'm finally done and have closed the computer and all, I remember a lot of songs I'm missing. Then I save them for the next time, and the same happens. Lol :)

    Good luck with the appointment. I'm sure it'll be fine :)
    Stay strong!

  9. I wanna get some new music but every time I think of getting new music, I have no clue what songs or music to get. And then I can't find any decent music.

  10. Good luck with your appointment!!! <3

  11. Haha I hate when I do that! Like when you go downstairs to get something, but forget what it was lol.

    Haha at least you have some of the songs you remembered? :) and it's a little task out the way :) I have a massive list on my phone of songs to download lol

    I hope the appointment went well :)

    Welcome to the life of A Levels, where 24/7 all you can do is think of studying ><


  12. Lol, I'm in New Zealand. GMT+12 so I'm living in the future, baby! XD (We had daylight savings on the weekend, so we may be GMT+13 now? Buggered if I know)

    Gah, I need to schedule some unavoidable library-study time every day. Otherwise I'll never do it. I dunno why but I can't seem to study during the day. Maybe it's a left-over from high school and doing homework after tea? o.O

    Best of luck with the study <3

  13. Hey, I hope your appointment went well! Let us know how it goes. Also, I think I missed a post but what made you decide to make the appointment ? Big step =)



  14. Write how it went ;) I love listening to music especially in a way to school but finding songs makes my tired, because i wlways forget title...