Tuesday, 20 September 2011

The twentieth

8pm on a Tuesday and my body seems to think it's Friday! I'm pretty much exhausted which is why I am posting earlier so I can go to bed early. :P

Okay. So I'm going to post some pictures because of a comment I got this afternoon in Schuh on my free period.

Me and a few other girls on my course went shoe shopping to pass the time and I wore shorts today with no tights at first. I was feeling really brave lol. I was trying on these lovely things when one of the shop assistants said I had cute legs.

Cute legs.

What are cute legs?! Me and the others just laughed once he went to get the size smaller for me to try on.

It wasn't even a lame chat up line either because he was as gay as you can come. :P I normally hate compliments, but it was so weird to be told that about my short squidgy legs that I can't hate it lol.

We ended up in McDonald's straight after Science. Oh yeah, the tutor isn't anything to write home about. R* my Maths tutor doesn't have any competition. ;) Shame though. It would have been nice to have 2 hot tutors...
Anyway, I ended up grabbing just a diet coke from McDonald's. It drew a few raised eyebrows and comments but I genuinely am not a fan of their food. Plus, being a vegetarian limits what I can eat. If we had gone next door to Subway I would have been more tempted to get something.

Hmm what else have I done today? Oh yeah. The shorts I am wearing in them pictures are not the ones I wore. They are ones that haven't fit in quite some time. I actually think I bought them around 2 or so years ago lol. So it was nice to fit into them again and it made the day a little bit better. I can't remember what size they are, but a few more pounds lost and they will be a bit more comfortable because I am not a fan of shorts that don't have quite a bit of space.

Today has been okay though. Would have been better without purging/taking lax, but I can deal with that. What I cannot deal with is Mother Nature trying to kill me. I am sneezing every two seconds and my eyes are watering. It looks like I have been crying or something. This sore throat is a killer too. I think I hate purging more for the fact I always get sore throats and things than anything else some days.

I did get around to go and see Steve (finally remembered his name!) but he wasn't in the building at the time so I have to go back tomorrow. We'll meet and talk at some point this term. xD

Anyhoo! What is the weirdest/funniest compliment you have ever gotten from somebody?

Take care


  1. Haha your legs are cute (and I'm not saying that in a weird "coming on to you" way either :P)
    And it sounds like you had a good day :)
    I have nice ears apparently :P
    Lottie x

  2. you look great! well at least what I can see of you :) that gap must feel amazing

  3. Your legs are kind of cute. :L Especially when you are wearing them shorts. I like. Them shoes are HOT though!! I must look into checking them out in-store.
    I once got told I have adorable fingers. How I can have adorable fingers is beyond me but ya know.
    Sore throats are horrible. Stop purging lady. ;) I joke (Well I'm serious), but have you thought about buying cough medicine? xxx

  4. i got told i have nice eyebrows was a little random! ;)sucks about the not-so-hot tutor though, you're right...2 hot ones would be rather nice! ;) xo.

  5. you have nice legs, I don't know why you bother dieting. congrats on the compliment from the sales clerk, too.
    feel better from that cold (or whatever it is!)

    my weirdest compliment was this lady at church who always wears big hats:
    "you have such a nice nose. It's a very cute little nose you have. and your sister, too. you both have nice noses. I had to pay a lot of money for my nose."
    lol. old ladies. so strange sometimes

  6. I get told I have a nice butt.. lol I think they all must be on crack because my hips and thighs are so huge I really don't see how you could even notice my butt. =p

  7. You do have cute legs! :o) Much cuter than mine for sure. ... As for the 2 hot tutors - it's probably a good thing there aren't 2! I mean, technically they are there so you can learn something right?? :oP JK.

    And the strangest comment I've received... hmmm... My sister has told me numerous times that I have pretty feet. What ever that means!

  8. Weirdest compliment?
    "You have very elegant, feminine hands"
    I was like "WTF?!?"

    From what I can see, you have really nice calves. Shorter people always have nicely defined calf muscles, thanks to the bloody lever principle. *Is eternally jealous*

    Love <3

  9. Weirdest complement? Not sure. I think it's easier to remember the bad things people have told you. I'll have a think about it today but I don't remember many complements I'm told. I remember I overheard people calling me "anorexic freak" once lol. If I think of any complements I'll post :)

    Yes that the science teacher isn't hot! Does this make maths your favourite subject? ;)

    And I know how you mean that it seems like a Friday ;( sorry to hear you purged but I hope you feel better tomorrow :( xxxx

  10. Your legs are lovely, ;). I see a gap, winking away there!
    Not that I ever like to encourage; but because you deserve to keep on smiling, and sometimes it's the only thing that will keep you grinning that bit longer.

  11. Yay for old clothes fitting and random compliments! Your legs are good! :)

    My boyfriend always compliments my nose - which I hate (my nose, not the compliments, haha).

  12. I get compliments on like everything. I never realized til I sat here thiking for my weirdest one. My butt, my eyebrow, my skinny, my eyes, my hair, my hands and fingers too (lol), but the weirdest one is my husband says I have the cutest little ears! Like, who thinks ears are cute? That's weird. I hate getting compliments! With a firey, burning passion! I don't ever know how to react or how to be truely thankful for them. That's weird.. Oh well. Your legs are gorgeous! Mine are gross! Stay Strong Babygirl!

  13. U do have cute legs!! Way better than the stems i walk on lol. And adorable shoes!! Did you end up buying them??

  14. Hooray for the guy having to get you a smaller size. Don't you just love that? And only getting a diet coke at McD's? That is some major will power.

  15. aah I miss you, I hope you are ok!
    Macdonalds is annoying.
    Aww man, I reall hope you're alright.