Monday, 12 September 2011

The twelfth

The wind today was like a workout in itself! I am not a fan of ex hurricanes hitting my part of the UK when I have to go out for the day. I am not skinny in any shape or form, but it almost blew me up to Scotland! xD

College is cancelled until Wednesday. For some reason it has annoyed me and people would probably think I was very weird for being annoyed at that lol. I just want the structure back in my days already and to learn something. My brain has been out of action for too many months and I'm losing valuable information. ;) Plus it is just making me more nervous about going back and facing tutors.

I was checking out the grades I need to apply for medicine at the medical school here... I'm not looking forward to AS levels next year. I need AAA grades which is a little daunting to think about. It's just an added reminder that I can't fuck mess up college like I did high school.
University is expensive though isn't it?! I am so glad I wouldn't have to rent uni accommodation if I ever get into Leeds medical school because they are ridiculously priced. I feel so sorry for my friend who is moving into their accommodation soon.

Things still sort of suck but it's not too bad I guess. It's just one of those annoying things in life. I like the idea suggested about making a list of good and bad things about the ED. I'm not sure I have enough paper though haha. Ahh things will sort themselves out soon I hope. Or at least get back to my take on normal. Things cannot remain rubbish forever... Right?

Oh, and thank you for the good luck for the job interview. :) I genuinely hate interviews of any kind though. I should practice talking by using my Me to You teddy haha. :P That is what my friend did to get over her fear of interviews.

Take care


  1. Omg are you in Leeds, this might be random if you're not but omg if you are so am I. The wind was horrific today wasn't it I could hardly breathe it was that strong!! And I know what you mean I start to miss the structure when having a long period of time off. Take care xxxx

  2. That is so weird, you're the first person I've come across who's from England and not from London, so yay fellow northerner. It's so weird I know Leeds is pretty big but we could have passed eachother on the street O.O xx

  3. you're lucky! even though you're not too happy about it, getting days off is definitely awesome. :p

  4. I absolutely talk to myself to prep for interviews! So the Me to You teddy isn't a bad idea. Good luck! :o)

  5. Enjoy the extra days off college. Use the time to catch up on all the sleep you will end up losing lol.

    I doubt things can stay crap forever no. Eventually thinggs start to look up and improve... with a little work on your side of course. xxx <3

  6. I went crazy ever summer waiting for the routine of school, so I know what you mean. You'll do fine with the tutors, though :) I hope you have a good few days off!

  7. I was finally able to post this afternoon. I just wanted to tell her how truly amazing she looked in those pics OMG she is working hard!!

  8. My cousins in Ireland told me there's a hurricane headed their way. And apparently they're supposed to get snow in October? It's crazy!

    You could always use chat roulette to practise for your interview. My friend is always consulting random strangers with about his problems on chat roulette...


  9. I get what you mean about wanting structure... empty days stretch on interminably!

  10. OMG.

    I envy your proximity to the collections of somewhat. . . lewd. . . short stories by certain "upstanding" authors.

    Bitch :p

    Bloody hell, tie yourself to something or put a brick in your bag. Don't fly away!


  11. Haha! That's so cute! I have issues with interviews too and I've never thought about talking to a teddy like an interviewer. That's a really good idea. Good luck!