Tuesday, 13 September 2011

The thirteenth

Now that college is tomorrow, I don't feel ready to go back. I know, I know. I've spent forever saying I want to go back and miss the structure and now I don't feel ready. I need to make up my mind I guess, but I'm just tired and need to find the energy to even want to do something.

It's double Maths and double English tomorrow. They hit me with one of my favourite lessons and one I really dislike. I hate English when it's been taught in a classroom. I just find it so hard to get interested in.

I think it is the fact I have to be up before 5am tomorrow that is severely putting me off and the fact that I have to be there at 9am. I live near an high school and 2 universities plus the city centre. Traffic takes the absolute mick in the morning! A few times I have actually managed to walk into the city centre before the bus got there which is telling of how slow it moves until 09:30am minimum.

I am pretty sure this was going to be more interesting.. :/ *thinks* I am 3lbs or so away from my LW of this year. It's still a normal weight and I hate the fact it's normal. I should be happy it isn't overweight/underweight I guess? This year as been crazy in terms of weight. It's been up, down, stable, down, up, stable, down... Endless cycle right?

I can't make it more interesting. I should do comments and then get stuff ready for tomorrow and then go to bed. At least I am off shopping after college. :)

Oh yeah! Word of advice to people; No food + purging liquids + too many laxatives + too much exercise = Not a good idea. Not at all.

Take care


  1. Definitely not a good idea!! Take care of yourself, luv. <3 <3 We wouldn't want anything to happen to you.

    I just realized, I think your blog is one of the first I ever started following. So that's two years of reading! :D

    Good luck on your first day back at college!! xoxo

  2. aww sorry about the laxies and food issue. that really stinks :( and having early classes isn't all that great either. but good luck tomorrow! i hope your professors are cool :)

    xx jackie

  3. gahhhh 5am... I don't envy you, lady! hope college goes well though! <3

  4. Good advice. That sounds like a recipe for dehydration, weakness and intense pain.


    Wow, that traffic sounds INSANE! Would it be worth investing in a bicycle? Yay more cals burned and leg muscle toned :3

    Good luck at class <3

  5. ugg 5 am... I hate the fact that there is one of them in the mornings too :S

    And normal is good! try to enjoy it :)

    Have a good day hon

  6. I understand, I love the structure of school yet its the amount of work and effort that sometimes deters me from it.
    Hopefully it all goes well though,

  7. Oh, I do hope you're feeling better. That does not sound like a good idea, but at least you know for next time! Sorry to hear about the traffic. It's the reason my husband stays away so long. He'd rather just stay up there in the apartment then travel in the bumper to bumper traffic to get to me. : ( Good luck with everything. I send my love. xoxo

  8. You know what's even creepier than living in the same city, we had the same lessons today! anyway hope you are k take care xxxx

  9. Oh no!!! Are you okay physically? 'Cos of the purging/ no food etc. :( Take care please!

    Why on earth do you have to be up so early!?

    I hope the lessons went well today?

    Fluctuating weight is a mess, weight full stop is a mess :( I'm sorry it's crazy for you too.

    Hope you're okay, take care xxxxxxx