Saturday, 3 September 2011

The third

Coffee is what has got me through the last few days though surprisingly, after 3 days of no sleep, I am still pretty hyper. I could easily go for a run or something.

Talking of runs, it is pretty tempting to go for one. It is absolutely boiling in my house right now. I cannot stand it being too warm. I am more of a fan of being cold because at least with the cold you can turn the heating on or put a jacket on.

I'm taking my little cousin to the park in the morning because I didn't have enough time to spend at hers this evening. I'll finally get to burn off some energy because I haven't been able to do my usual workouts for the past few days because of my friend being here. I haven't been able to weigh myself either which is actually driving me a wee bit mad. I do love my friends, but they make it hard sometimes. :P

College needs to hurry up and start again. I'm too bored. It's been... Nearly 4 months!

Take care


  1. you've had 4 months off college? Lucky! I can't stand the warm but I hate the cold. :P

    Have fun at thee park. :) x

  2. Thanks for your comment :) I too, get massively bored without school and massively dysfunctional without loads and loads of coffee. Hope you have a nice run!

  3. That is exactly why I hate the summer. I can't deal with the heat. At least with cold, you can just keep piling on more layers. There's nothing you can do if you're too hot--there's only so many layers we can take off! :/


  4. Why have you stayed awake for so long?!

    I love the cold. I cannot wait for fall :) It's the best time for running.

    I'm Becky, btw. I haven't been a regular in a while so I'm reintroducing myself, lol.

  5. Ahh, i always prefer being cold than hot. i hate the heat!

    and i feel the trauma of having no scales. mine broke over 5 weeks ago and i'm going crazy (and i only check my weight once a week usually, so i can't imagine what you're going through ;) )


  6. Hey! You should get some sleep, girl, really! But coffee is an amazing thing, I agree!
    I only have 3 months off and it's damn loooong! Looking forward to the school! (I'm weird, right?)

  7. 3 days without sleep is crazy!! I was going crazy for two days without a scale this weekend... How long is your friend there?
    Stay strong!