Tuesday, 6 September 2011

The sixth

I broke my plateau! I didn't believe my scales at first, but the annoying white things finally moved. At long last. :D

I am so tired today. It's funny how I am really tired on the day I got the most sleep I've had in a while (around 5 hours). Lunch went okay and we all just sat there and talked. Well they did. I can't say I was too interested in the conversations that were going on.

I left them at noon though to go and buy some trousers and things. I actually found a pair of trousers that fit perfectly on the waist and pretty much perfect on the legs. It completely shocked me and for once, they were in grey! It's normally only ever black trousers I can find to fit right so I hope it's warm tomorrow since I have the perfect outfit planned out and it doesn't involve a jacket. Gosh I am being brave not hiding in my jackets. :P

College in the morning. 09:30am. Tell my lovely tutor that I have never met before and then try not to freak out for the next 3 hours lol. It'll be interesting at the very least. Surprisingly, it is the early start that bothers em the most. I hate travelling in a morning.

Take care.


  1. That's awesome! Congrats on breaking your plateau! It's always the hardest part, so that's really great.

    And yay for new trousers that fit perfectly! Sounds like you're doing great :)

  2. Good luck tomorrow! Congratulations on finding the pants, that's always the best. And the plateau lifting, I love it when that happens too.

  3. I'm glad to see you happy, though take care of yourself ok? ): i always find i'm tiredest on days i've slept most too lol. i hope you managed to feel more awake tomorrow and I hope college goes well tomorrow (:

    also, congrats on finding trousers that fit! that's awesome (:

    take care, xxxxx

  4. I love finding new clothes that fit perfectly, it's such a great feeling. I hope things go well at college, try not to freak out too much :)


  5. Congrats on breaking the plateau!! And pants that fit perfectly!! You're probably so tired because you're not sleeping enough and sleeping a bit more (but still not enough) is teasing your body. That always happens to me too.

  6. good luck in classes tomorrow morning! and i love that you found a nice pair of pants that fit. it seems like the start of a good week.

  7. i always tend to fall into some kind of routine... i like the organized feel of it i think. hopefully school goes well in the am :-) i put up pics of my new hair and it turned out good! yay for finding trousers that fit and are grey!! i got a grey pair that i love!
    stay strong!! i love your blog btw... <3

  8. I do wish you would take a picture for us! : )

  9. I know what you mean by early mornings! I freak out so much, i get anxious and paranoid ill be late (i hate sleeping, but i hate waking up even more)

    Yay for pants that fit! So rare to find perfect pants.
    Good luck for the morning xx

  10. finding pants that fit is the best feeling ever. way to break the plateau! you work that outfit! xo

  11. Oh! I'm glad you finally broke the dreaded plateau! <3 <3
    Finding pants that fit perfectly is great, not too loose that it feels like you need two belts to hold it up but not so tight that you think you can feel your organs, just perfect! <3
    I wanted to say something...*rereads post*
    Oh! I was going to mention how due to my sister's controlling the temperature of MY room *she slept here because the little girls were sleeping in her room*, I have to wear a jacket in my own HOUSE! ;P

  12. Congrats on breaking through your plateau. :)

    And I love it when I put an item of clothing on (especially in dressing rooms) and it looks good. I feel like screaming in excitement especially when it's something that either did not fit previously or I can see I'm losing weight.

  13. Yayyy! Breaking Plateau! I wish I would break mine already. Your an inspiration Darling! Stay Strong<3

  14. Yay for trousers!!! I feel your pain- trousers never bloody fit me either! (comes with the territory of being 5ft tall though haha)

    Good luck telling the tutor! I know that's so stressful so I really really hope it goes/ went okay?

    And mornings are crap! :( xxxxxxx