Friday, 9 September 2011

The ninth

My weekend is going to involve that. Oh my gosh I am actually nervous about drinking lol. I haven't really drank alcohol since I turned into a writer on the night I wrote the letter to my doctor. I'm a little anxious which is so silly because it is going to be a good night. It always is when I'm with Alba and Rising.

So I probably won't blog much this weekend.

The day went okay. A lot of travelling and the stupid washing machine broke. Again! It's the 4th time this year so I think I am going to just ask for my money back and buy a different one because I am having no luck with this one.
Speaking of buying things, I need to go shopping in the morning for a dress and tights and a bag and shoes and a jacket... I decided I am going to wear a dress tomorrow night which I haven't done in ages because I look like a ball of fat in them. xD I tend to just stick to jeans when I go out but I am going to be brave and wear one.

I hope everybody has a lovely weekend. :) I'll comment back on all your blogs when I next blog. I feel weird not commenting, but I'm too busy. :/
Ooh, and my old tutor was in my dream last night! I'm not even going into the dream because it made even ME blush!! So, so weird to think about.

Take care


  1. Enjoy the weekend and night out. You deserve to have some fun. :]
    Good luck with wearing the dress! I am sure you'll look perfectly fine. x

  2. I hope you have a good time and don't worry too much! I'm sure you will look lovely in a dress :)
    I've had a teacher dream before and it is so weird :P
    Lottie x

  3. Aww don't be nervous about it - do you know why you are? Alba and Rising would understand if you didn't want to I'm sure - so dont do it if you're not certain.

    Aww your washing machine doesn't sound like fun :/ i think you should get a new one as it sounds pretty dodgy and it will probably just get worse and worse.

    I highly doubt you look like a "ball of fat" in a dress - that's good you're gonna wear one and try and not let your ED rule your life. 

    It's fine to not comment (: Have a good weekend (: xxxxxxx

  4. i hope you have a lovely weekend :) xo.

  5. Hell yes you are! And you'll look smokin' in whatever dress you buy!

  6. See? It's weird. I never wear any pants - jeans or anything because I feel I look in them "like a ball of fat". That's why I only wear skirts and dress. I wouldn't stand to go out in pants not even for an hour to walk a dog or something....

  7. I hope you find something pretty.
    Have fun this weekend!


  8. I need to get myself a hot tutor! Lol. Mine wears yoga pants to work...and it's a guy :/ ??

    Definitely ask for your money back. Appliances should last much longer than that.

    Buy yourself a lovely dress. You deserve it, plus I'm sure you'll look good in it :) And maybe you'll run into your old tutor while you're out, lol.

    Have fun <3

  9. Your tutor sounds wonderful, kinda jealous ;)

    It's good that you're trying something different with your clothes. I always feel different from when I'm wearing different clothes, like I'm channeling a different side of my personality.

    And I had a real life dream last night that this guy I like saw me in my un ederwear. It felt so real, like I was awake but I'm so glad it was just a dream.

    Have fun!

  10. Hope you had fun on the weekend! A night out sounds great!