Monday, 19 September 2011

The nineteenth

1 in 40 people have an extra nipple according to some fact on Embarrassing Bodies.

My day hasn't been too bad I guess. I spent most of the morning just walking around town with a friend, looking in shops (I spent way too much in Superdry and Ark lol) and things like that. See, this is why I need a job. My shopping habits are expensive!

I was almost normal. Almost.

It came to getting something to eat which I avoided and got a water instead. We went to Waitrose and I literally walked around twice just putting things back that I had picked up. I did the same in Marks and Spencer a little while later and then didn't even attempt to choose something in Sainsbury. I just got a drink and went for the bus.

I still have some Maths work to do (mainly showing my workings out which is difficult since I do it in my head) but since I don't have Maths until Wednesday, it can wait for tonight so I can caught up on blogs lol. It's the only annoying thing about college/having a social life. You tend to fall behind with things online.

What else... I cut on Sunday. Sucks but hey ho. 
I decided to sort of do the ABC again. I guess in theory it is better than not eating anything for long periods. Well, sort of. I'm not about to try and make sense of it.

I'm seriously having a brain fart today and can't think of what to write.

I have science tomorrow. I have to be there before 9am this time (it's on a completely different campus) and then once that is done I have a 2 hour gap before my next lesson. Or is it 2 and a half hours? Either way it is going to be boring doing nothing until after 1pm. I'll be sure to let you all know if I have a good looking tutor. ;)

There is something else... Oh yeah. I have to see Student Services or something tomorrow? Them dudes that handle health and support etc. I can't remember the guys name I am meant to see though so I'll have to check the voicemail they left me. I'll go and see them once my last lesson is done.

I still haven't got my letter from counselling but oh well. It'll come eventually. Or I'll see my GP eventually lol.

I hope you've all had a decent day.
Take care


  1. I've never been to Superdry or Ark. Are the clothes any good? I do the same thing with the going into a shop and then leaving with nothing. It drives me insane when I want to eat but I have that little thing telling me I can't/shouldn't.

    Good luck with student services tomorrow and I do hope the science teacher is hot. ;] You and your friends should take yourself off to Starbucks until your next lesson. That is what I normally do. xxxx

  2. I do the same things sometimes. I wander around picking stuff up and checking out the Nutrition info then either put it back or settle for something totally low cal and safe like pretzels.

  3. Grocery shopping is incredibly stressful... especially with other people. Good luck with everything :)

  4. This post has taken the breath out of me! What you are describing seems to be my life...EVERYDAY! Especially the whole college/social life thing. Are you sure you aren't stalking me? :] (Just kidding). I hope you have ad a decent day as well!

  5. Hey thanks for the comment on my blog I'm going to try my best ;) and good luck with the ABC I've heard you can get real good results with it :)

    keep going
    much love
    Wilted~Rose @}~>~

  6. My shopping habits are expensive too and so I need to find a way to make more money so I can continue to live my life after my job stops paying me.

    And I spend so much time at the supermarket reading labels and having mini arguments in my head about whether I should buy the high calorie food or not.